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  1. We got this sync 3 for an absolute steal, £125 posted on eBay. Again the chap thought he was selling a sync 2 but the pictures showed a sync 3. There's all sorts of customisations possible now for sync 3, I'm sure custom screens can be done already, FMods.net have detailed quite a few customisations, the downside of which is you need to open up your APIM and flash the firmware directly into the eMMC. Not for the faint hearted. Just had a worn out front nearside wheel bearing diagnosed by the garage yesterday afternoon. Booked in for Friday. £200 seems a bit steep to me but if it mean
  2. The cruise control issue does look to have been solved for now. Because I chose to modify my steering wheel to fit the cruise control switch my wheel didn't have the routing cut out for the switch harness to sit in. I didn't think about it, I just glued it in place. My theory is the glue started to give up which allowed the airbag unit to pull the plug out of the switch module due to it pinching the harness while the horn was being applied. (Not my wheel, just a pic I found with the slot) My steering wheel now has the slot cut in it and the harness tucked out of harms way.
  3. Last week the cruise control issue has gone from intermittent to permanent. Luckily I had an opportunity to look at the cruise control issue on the weekend. Plugging into Forscan I had a DTC to do with mechanical failure of the steering angle sensor module. A check on the schematics showed the cruise control switch signals are routed through this module and onto the HS CAN network. Not much to go on but did show the issue was most likely in the steering wheel. To my delight the airbag came off without too much of a fight this time. Clearly practice does make perfect. I removed the cruise
  4. Mine are the F1 Asymmetric 5s. I agree on paper they do look the best value. Think I'm still going to try the Michelins if I can get a decent price on them.
  5. Some more issues 😞 The cruise control buttons now only work when they feel like it. I think I may have dislodged a plug on the back of the cc switch while trying to cure a rattle in the steering column. I think the only thing for it is to remove the airbag again and take a look (Not my favourite job in the world) The road noise has been getting gradually louder and louder, researching this it sounds like it could just be the Goodyear eagle F1s coming close to their wear limit. Apparently they do get noisy when they don't have much life left in them. Also one of them has a nail i
  6. My Honda before the focus got to 150,000 miles before the MOT suggested the bushes were worn, instead of changing the bushes I changed the entire front suspension over. New dampers, bump stops, springs, lower wishbones with the bushes and antiroll bar drop links. What a difference it made. The car felt like new again.
  7. Definitely broken: What a git of a job that was! I've changed springs and dampers in every car I've ever owned but this was the most difficult strut removal an reinstallation I've attempted. If you're thinking of doing this job yourself get a little hydraulic jack to push the hub off the end of strut, if yours is anything like mine you will not get it to budge otherwise. Got the bugger out eventually And yes it was chucking it down with rain and snow at some points. Why do these things happen in winter? The ride height will be quite
  8. Hello again. It's been a while but there has been nothing to report until now. It's service and MOT time and it's just failed, two broken front springs and a quote of £245 from an independent garage to fix it. Needless to say I phoned Ford parts straight away and got the pair of springs for £70 same day. I'll get them fitted on the weekend along with the service if it'll stay dry enough. I'm very interested to see what the difference will be, the only give away that there might have been something wrong was a very minor but intermittent pull to the right. Until now I'd put that
  9. Sensor arrived and it's no good. Turned out it was from a mark 2 focus. The sensor is identical except the measurement position of the arm is 90 degrees out from where it needs to be. Yeah, I tried to fit it after work one evening...in the rain....and it was the wrong part. Luckily I checked the sensor using forscan before fitting it and putting everything back together. Second time round with another sensor and it looks to have cured it. Had to drill the old screws out, they had rusted into the threaded inserts in the old sensor. I'll put some part numbers up
  10. The headlight level sensor has gone again. Still intermittent but worse than before. I was able to replace the plug with the broken clip with a new one but the problem remains. The issue is the headlight seem to gradually increase the angle of the beam I guess until it reaches a limit. Then the car throws an error and the lights are set to point at the floor. 9 times out of 10 the error then goes away and the lights either return to the correct level or go straight back up to pointing at the sky. At which point the cycle starts again. With the nights drawing in I decided I can't have my h
  11. The hardships of owning this car: Dirty and burnt shins from the exhaust while unloading the boot. Do other ST owners suffer the same distress?
  12. Thanks @Monks600 I've never done a progress thread before, glad you're enjoying it. One question for you is do you recall where you got the padlock stickers for your switch?
  13. So having unplugged and replugged the sensor the issue seems to have gone away. I did notice that one of the two retaining clips had broken on the harness plug. Maybe that was all it was. Fingers crossed
  14. Hi, Spot you quite regularly going south in the mornings (7:00ish) when I'm heading north and vice versa at home time (16:00ish) between the M4 and junction 13. I guess we work the same hours! Cheers
  15. Hi, would anyone happen to know or be able to get hold of the part number for the front levelling sensor (Sensor block and arm) from a Mk3 2013 Focus ST3 please? All I can find on ebay are the rear sensors, they look identical but the bar that joins the vertical bar at about 2 o'clock is not straight like this one. Thanks in advance
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