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  1. Quick update. Problem solved. I changed the battery for a new one and swapped it in July. Four or so weeks later and the terminal is still clean, apart from the vaseline:
  2. Thanks. Well, I have run some tests. I'm getting just over 12v across the battery terminals when the car is off, and just over 14v when the car is running. I guess these figures are ok and show that the alternator is not overcharging? Next step I guess is to replace the battery. I have cleaned everything up again today and reassembled. Put more vaseline on this time too. I have noticed that when I clean up with baking soda, there is residue around the base of the positive battery terminal. I'm wondering if it has a slight weep that is causing this corrosion build up. I did a quick battery test and the tester stated the battery was actually fine. Could have a little leak, who knows. The battery on the car looks old so no harm in changing it. It has a recharge date of 00 2018, which probably means it is pretty old. I don't know for sure though as I don't know when this one was fitted. One thing I will say is the battery hold down bolt was a pain to remove from the tray. That probably hasn't moved in a long, long time. I am worried about this constant build up of corrosion because I don't want it to dissolve the battery clamp. I'll leave this post with some more pics of the damaged battery clamp and the corrosion around the base of the battery terminal.
  3. Yes. When I last cleaned them up I coated the terminals in vaseline after rettaching them. Are you supposed to cover the battery terminals and the clamps in vaseline, then reattach? Thanks.
  4. Quick update. Looks like the blue/white powder is coming back already on and around the positive terminal. Bit of a pain. I have been doing some reading about this and I think I need to check that the alternator isn't overcharging the battery. I will nip into town today and purchase a multimeter to take a look. I have read that corrosion around the positive terminal could be overcharging. It's either that or the battery is past it. Multimeter is £8.00, battery around £70, so will start with the cheapest item first. Will also be useful to add the multimeter to my tool collection. I'm hot on this because the positive battery terminal doesn't have a lot of it left due to corrosion. I'd rather try and nip this in the bud now before the whole thing dissolves.
  5. Thanks. 😀 I am indeed new to this sort of thing. It's actually the second job I have done on the car though. First was to fix the broken window wipers. The linkage fell off, but I managed to find a part on the internet for around £5.00 to fix it. Took a bit of time to resolve due to acquiring tools as I worked, but got there in the end. Next job I'm attempting is oil change. Then I need to investigate a rumbling noise from the front right when you turn left slowly, and something that seems to be loose on the back end (could be exhaust or shielding as it sounds like that). As the car is only a £500 runaround, I'm trying to keep costs down by doing things myself. Thing is though, I'm secretly falling in love with the old girl. 😁 Oh yes, have some rust to clean up too.
  6. Thanks all. Quick update. Managed to gently coax the clamp off the battery. Undid the bolt, got a screwdriver and gently tapped it into the gap. It broke away from the battery terminal easily. I went steady as the corrosion has eaten half of the clamp near the point it secures via the bolt. Gave it a gentle clean, bit of wire brushing and some more baking soda water. Then bodged up the sheath from the cable with some electrical tape. Reassembled everything (tightened up just the required amount as didn't want to go too mad and snap what little is left of the clamp) and coated in vaseline as per pictures. Hopefully it should be ok now. Thanks for the help everyone.
  7. Thanks again all. Quick update. Cleaned the area with water and baking soda. It fizzed up like crazy and looks a lot better now. Trouble is, I couldn't shift the positive terminal at all. The corrosion has been so bad that it has sealed itself to the battery terminal, and obliterated a large chunk of the connector too. To get it off would probably involved breaking it off, something I don't want to do without a replacement. Looks like I'm going to have to contact an auto electrician to get a replacement lead. I could look into one myself, if it isn't too expensive. Only thing I cannot fathom is how the leads are connected to the fuse box. Is it a connector or is the cable soldered in? Pics below of cleaned up terminal
  8. Thanks both. It took a bit of cleaning to get to the stage on the photo. The main issue I'm seeing is the fact that the fastener on the earth cable bit has partially dissolved. I guess I will need to find another, clean up the earth cables (I have insulation tape for the sleeve) and refit. Or, just leave them alone if they are ok for now. Bugs me though seeing the cables in that state. I'll try the baking powder solution too. I saw a video with that on last night. Thanks again. Will try the clean up, then coat with vaseline and see how it goes. 😉
  9. Hi all. Newbie here. Have a 2004 Mk1 Focus 1.6 petrol and noticed an issue the other day. There was a lot of blue/white coloured stuff (purple in places) over the positive battery terminal area. I cleaned it up and noticed that it has pretty much dissolved some bits of the battery cable, the clamp and the nut that holds the earth(?) cables on. It's a mess. Take a look at the pic. I have been trying to find a replacement cable but can't seem to find anything on the internet. Is this something that is a Ford dealer only part? I would like to try to replace this myself, but I'm new to spannering so if it's too complicated, I'll take it somewhere to be done. Has anyone seen anything like this before and replaced the cable? If so, was it an easy job? Also, does anyone know where I can source a cable and new clamp? From what I can see, it runs from the top of the alternator to the battery and is routed along the front of the engine. It has two earth(?) cables clamped to it on the battery too. Thanks all.