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  1. Connecting an ipod to an aux input

    It is Possible though you need the Focus Bluetooth unit with USB then the Mondeo cable assembly the mondeo bezel and USB socket and microphone you may or may not need an extra wiring harness for radio £20 ish total cost is around the £190 If you are intrested My mate at Ford will supply the parts and i can describe how to YOU get the USB socket which allows control and display of Ipod or USB stick with MP3s on and as a bonus you also get Hands free Bluetooth and a voice control of compatable items I will pass you to my mate trevor who will tell you what is needed and the cost It is well worth it I use I pod classic 160 gb that is Full about 3 months worth of none stop mp3s lol http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a132/ivo...rrent=Ipod2.jpg http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a132/ivo...=USBsocket1.jpg http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a132/ivo...rrent=ipod1.jpg
  2. LED Footwell Lighting upgrade

    Wel I am not doing that it has Changed it into a FIEASTA lol ON mine It has b1 capless bulbs I just used a direct LED replacement white
  3. MK2 Centre Console vent/sensor thing - what is it?

    you should have a big circular grill in front of inetrior light THAT IS where the Factory Fit mike is fiffted for BT handsfree see pic 1 the black switch on left electric sunroof I have Auto Aircon and Alarm The alarm sensors are each side of the interior lights by next to Submarine lighting ( orange night lights see pics 2) looc carefull end of interior light the black dot is alarm and the Orange dot is Sub Light Pic has Flash on so light looks dim but still not sure if the thing you mention is the sensor Could be for aircon BUT I have dual ZONE DEACT air con so it should have a sensor each side i would have thought may be just one sensor on auto temp control
  4. Silly question in here

    OK see pics Above the SEAT BELT each side where the seat belt hight adjuster is and on the Front seats there is a AIRBAG TAB sewn in by each front door Please NOTE mine is 3 door hatch leather trim 5 door or cloth may be different The white tag is half way down the seat
  5. Imperial and Metric displays

    yep its possible mine is on MPG Miles and deg C mines new sept 58 new style dash Ok set it to IMPERIAL 1st and you have miles but deg F ok then rotate the selection on the left hand stalk just past Tyre pressure set oh you may not have that but its OK Roll it round till you get the BIG deg F display see pic 1 now press in the end of left stalk and hold it for 2 seconds Your Climate and temp will change to Deg C see pic 2 if you change from metric to imp and back you will have to do it again pic 1 now press in left hand stalk set button for 2 seconds and you get this climate in deg C too please post if ok or not
  6. why do people jump in with the wrong answer ???? you say that as if you are 100% sure this is the only answer you can get all the parts from Ford and it can be retro fit the BT option to your radio you also get the mike that goes in the interior light Actualy very easy to do, Will take an hour to an hour and a half. tools needed are a very sharp knife, sterio removal tools, torx drivers/keys, for fiesta loom wire cutters and ellectric tape/ellectrical connectors or heat wrap. the parts you will need from ford or a breaker focus short console with mic 1317579 is the part number for cars with out a sunroof @ £16.51 1467152 for focus specific loom @ £66.47 or Fiesta one 1429802 @ £30.69 will do the job just need the mic wire extending by about 6 inches and its about half the price Stalk 1318965@ £42.55 Module 1476159 £164.50, Mic 1363463 £36.70 Bracket 1353218 £4.97 1231390 £0.60p each hold bracket to car you will need 2 off 1231391 @ £0.40p each hold the unit to the bracket you need 1 off it fits behind the glove box take about 45 mins to 1 hour to fit bits can be bought recylced if you look hard Dont say it cant be done doen loads
  7. Cruise Control Lights on Ghia

    not on my "58" XT still no light if they work on the new Fiesta I would think they will come on the Face lift Focus 2010
  8. Keyless ignition problem

    seen a similar thread on here think they sorted it with changing battery in key ??? my memory is not what it was try a search 1st before posting the answer could akready be there
  9. Facelift Focus

    i have he new one my XT see my other post You could I would guess but you need New Bonnet Lights Front panel for bonnet to sit on front grills also rear bumber is different the interior is different too see my post on this page forr pics of my XT it will cost a few quids lol http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...entry1772
  10. 2008 Focus titanium Xpack sport pack 58 reg

    At FFOC meeting Hop Grove York 2days old now second hand :o
  11. 2008 Focus titanium Xpack sport pack 58 reg

    OK its 1st September The XT is here I should have called it the Full Monty lol its from Yorkshire Now the new pictures White Rear Fog White dash lights alloy pedals DAB see what you can see
  12. DAB Sony in ST 3

    this is the radio still in dealers waiting for PDI 7 days to go
  13. 2008 Focus titanium Xpack sport pack 58 reg

    well its at the dealers now btw I get 2 key free keys and 1 spare none remote emergancy key and I have have a space saver type spare so more room in my boot that previous one whats the best way to get radio out No keys on this radio these pics taken as it came off the trailer more will follow later when I get it home only a week to wait oooooooh
  14. DAB Sony in ST 3

    Wont be delivered till 1st Sept factory order to get DAB lol gone are the old days when i used to get audios changed at the dealers Hence thats why I am asking about the DAB mp3 unit as yet My dealer has not seen one as mine is 1st he ordered and I can find no info on the Ford page the 6 disk cost more but as I can get the 6 cd in mp3 format on 1 disk I am goung for the singe disk option this time and I now think my order is too far along the line to change to 6 disk with out putting the delivary date back i am wondering now if I should have paid the extra few quid for 6 disk hteres alway ebay lol may be some one will rip one out nad fit a 2 million wat sub thing in I keep seeing the 18 inch wheels as people put on 19s or 20s