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  1. I suspect you probably damaged the seal taking the driveshaft out , take the shaft out check the seal replace if necessary and fit a new circlip
  2. A couple of capfuls to a litre of water should suffice
  3. i used one of these no problems
  4. The only two I have seen over here are Febi & Stc , aftermarket is full of Febi mounts and are very popular . Will give you the part numbers
  5. If it comes of again give the part number off it to your local dealer who can check to make sure it’s the right one , it shouldn’t come off if it’s the right one
  6. Unfortunately Ford don’t print them anymore it’s all on line but you will have to sigh up and pay for the
  7. Gaz0000000


    Unfortunately Electrical problems are quite hard to diagnose without the right equipment I would say just from your symptoms I would look at the fuse box first , the locks cycling on and off is certainly an issue contained within it . That said pull the fuse from the fuse box for the central locking that will stop the cycling for now while your there see if the fuses are okay for the window and radio . The battery going flat is down to a drain which is constantly on and maybe a call to a vehicle electrician for a diagnostic check will save a big outlay
  8. If I was you Tom I would spend a little more on a newer car eg: a 2017 say as the entire car will only be 3 years The engine and expensive bits will be 3 yrs old and the car will more than likely last you a fair while without any problems . There aren’t any major differences between models bumpers trims and lights and a few difference engine options really
  9. I had a fiesta diesel and never touch the rear shoes had that car about ten years , most new cars the cable adjusts when it joins to the handbrake lever with a 10mm nut if you lift the rubber boot you will see it
  10. Hi Doubt very much if they need replacing I would try adjusting the cable first
  11. Thermostat housing 1707050 Cam belt kit 1672143 Pulley bolt 1057134 Water pump 1566239 belt 1072137 tensioner1152890
  12. I think as both cars are three door you should be okay stopping over the interior if that’s your intention , the only snag will be any electrical components the wiring plugs are bound to be different
  13. If you look in your handbook it will tell you the space saver size , prob a 14 inch
  14. Well only if you want to spend lots of money , if your replacing like for like check on eBay there’s always new ones on there for sale and plenty of Ford dealers doing a deal , pm me a picture of your wheel and I will see whAts about
  15. It’s not to difficult unfortunately it’s a lack of space , a ford pipe would prob be expensive so get a vw one from euro car parts