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  1. Yh that really confused me. But they always thought it was a head gasket every time I went. They would say "your head gasket might have gone" or "it could be your head gasket" but wouldn't really do anything about it or check it.
  2. I've just ordered a new cap but its gonna take a while to come because of the current situation. But from the pictures could you be able to tell if the caps bad or not. My radiator fans come on pretty early when I'm normally driving.
  3. I did about 50 miles yesterday doing deliveries and my temperature light only came on once just as I went to turn my car off as I parked. I opened the bonnet and heard a lot of bubbling coming from the coolant tank. A few deliveries later I went to go check the coolant (temperature light was not showing) and the coolant was more or less stable, a slight noise coming from it.
  4. Thats what the cap looks like.
  5. After 10 minutes the coolant resovior looks like that. My car was completely cold to start and left to idle for 10 minutes. Bubbles initially showed up but all went after the first 2 minutes.
  6. After leaving the engine on say 10 minutes am I looking for a lot of bubbles appearing? Also a side note my car has 46k miles, not sure if it's been clocked back but the service history and mot history add up.
  7. Once I turn the engine on there are a few bubbles forming but it mainly goes after a minute.
  8. It would leak from behind there. The screw on the left would break off leaving a hole where coolent would leak. I'll check the expansion cap now.
  9. If I show you where it was leaking from would it help?
  10. The steam is coming from coolent leaking from the back under the hood and hitting the pipes and evaporating it. No steam coming out of the coolent unless I open it when its warm.
  11. I just recently got my Ford ka which is my first car so I am relatively new to this stuff. My coolent had been leaking under the hood creating a lot of steam. I went to a garage to get it fixed and they changed the valve but this problem has happened a few times after so in total I've been to the mechanics 3 times to get the same problem fixed. My friend did a diagnostic check in my car and it said there is a coolent pressure surge which probably caused the valve to break and coolent to leak. I've been told by my mechanics that if it happens again they may have to look at the head gasket but I am fairly certain it is not. No steam or coolent coming out of the exhaust and no milky deposit on the oil cap. However my temperature light does come on now and again. Can anyone give me any guidance on what to do or how it can be fixed, would really appreciate it. Thank you