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  1. Thanks for your comments, monks,raider & Lenny! I agree pollen is a nightmare, that’s why we need to keep on top lol! I have a nightmare I live right next to a field and when the wind picks up the car gets absolutely smothered😔. I do think about waxing but can never get a even spread of it! Thanks Ben
  2. Good Afternoon, Beautiful day outside today thought ill share a picture of the car as its had a nice clean up, also managed to get the engine bay cleaned up too. Have a good day Ben:)
  3. Thanks Stephen, Ill have a think next week when weather gets abit better got a couple jobs going to clean out my engine bay completely also got slight problem with shifting into gears one of the lads on here have shown me a video on which could possible solve this issue so once ive done these little jobs ill think about my calipers, going for a blue if I do it beinig a Chelsea fan haha thanks ben
  4. Thanks for advice lads. I've had a thought I've only got 2 calipers I think it may look daft as I only have 2 on the front and not the back if that makes sense so I don't think im going to get this done now .:(
  5. Stephen,Tom & Rob, Thank you all for your reply's I'm a newbie on here but have had great advice past couple days that I'm happy with. Ill take all your comments on board and ill get the job done in this lockdown stage LOL! That's if I can get the paint ordered up okay ha. Thanks everyone Ben
  6. Hello guys me again, Right as you are all aware this lockdown is driving us all crazy so again I'm posting on here again for advice but also keeps me busy working on my car. So my Calipers, look terrible rusty as anything. So I'm thinking rubbing them down and Re-spraying/Painting them has anyone one got any specific Sprays/Paint to advice me to buy?. Also any Step by Step methods?. Thanks Ben
  7. Thanks Ian, Yes I have a 6 speed gearbox and this video will help me get through this issue hopefully if not I have all the time in the world in this lockdown moment ha!. Thanks Again Ben
  8. Hello Guys, I think I have a problem with shifting into 1st gear it seemed to get stuck half way into it, like I feel I have to force it into gear I don't like that feeling?. Has anyone experienced this that can give me some advice?. Thanks Ben P.S- Yes I have my foot flat on the clutch LOL!
  9. Thanks Andy, I just need some firm insulation as I've put loft insulation under there for now lol but its too spongey LOL!
  10. Hello guys, Just wondering if you can help me? I had a leak in the boot of my car I noticed it when I pulled my spare wheel out, it was due to my air vents at the back wasn't sealed properly and It ran into my boot but also all down the passenger side. So I ripped up all the carpet in the footwells and the insulation was soaked but also mouldy, so I've chucked that out and now after some new insulation for under my carpet, does anyone know where I can buy this kind of stuff??? Thanks Ben