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  1. I've tried downloading the SYNC3 update numerous times as well and the same thing happens to me. Zip files always show errors so have given up for now unless someone knows away. 😬
  2. Wil19

    Ctek mxs 5.0

    I've set my ctek charger away this morning, will see how long it takes. Will try recond mode probably at a later day as not sure how long it will take. I thought about getting a new battery but with my car not being used for now, a charger seemed the best option.
  3. I have received my ctek mxs 5.0 today and I am going to charge my fiesta St line in the morning. I was wondering which is the best mode setting for charging and how many hours it will take to charge? My battery isn't completely flat but have been having trouble over the lockdown period.
  4. I have a Fiesta St-line 140 2018 and it's a great car. Changed from a Focus last September and had no issues apart from the stop/start not working since October. Battery was flat last week but that was due to not using car during lockdown. Would definitely recommend the 140 version as its nippy enough when you knock it out of eco mode.
  5. Been wondering myself if its worth investing in a smart charger while we are in lockdown. Could come in handy if I want the stop/start to work again.
  6. I've just had the same problem with my St-line, battery had gone dead and couldn't get in the car. I used the blade in the key fob and got the AA to start my car. Even though I ran the car for a few hours, I still had to use the blade to get in until I gave the car a good run out. Looks like people will have to give their cars a run out during lockdown just to keep the car battery healthy.
  7. Car started up ok this morning, gave it a 45 minute run out and put it back on the drive. Doors now lock and open using the key fobs. I presume they didn't work before as the was insufficient power in the battery, so now think it's time for a new battery.
  8. Need the car in the morning to go to the hospital, hopefully it will start. When I get back I will have a look at disconnecting the battery.
  9. Have tried pressing the button four times but no joy. Not sure if the AA man disconnected the battery or just charged it. Might be time for a new battery, not sure if they are under the warranty. The stop start hasn't worked since October and that is with driving 40mls a day during the week. Will have a look at disconnecting the battery to see if that works.
  10. Thanks, will give it a go in the morning.
  11. Hi, new to the forum and was wondering if anybody can help me out with my problem. I have a Ford fiesta st line mk8 and the other day I had a flat battery, probably due to car being stood for a couple of weeks. Anyway I got the AA out and they got it started and then I ran it for a couple of hours but when I came to lock the car, I press the key to lock and nothing happens. Both keys will not work, only can open and lock the car by using the blade key in the fob. Car starts ok with the button start. Anyone know if I can reset my keys or need to take it to a dealer? Thanks