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  1. immobiliser fault 2001 galaxy

    thats the strange thing, i checked key the other day and theres no chip, but the key hasnt been apart??, so laat night a mobile locksmith came , put a chip in key and plugged a machine into 16 pin socket and programmed it to car, but still no feed to starter or spark (when i power starter myself) im assuming thats someone in the past has somehow by-passed the immobiliser circuit. any suggestions people.
  2. Hi all i got a 2001 galaxy 2.3 petrol and i sure i got a fault with the key/ immobiliser? one day it just didnt start, nothing happened when i turned the key, so checked for feed to starter motor and there was none, so i left ignition on and run a live to starter to crank over but wouldnt start still, also theres no spark when cranking. i also noticed now that the the light in the door card which indicates alarm or immobiliser is on or off flashes when im trying to crank it? all points to immobiliser but not sure if its key, ecu, also i only got one key which isnt helping as i ve been told i need two keys to reprogramme the chip in key. any advice would be great regards mike.