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  1. only thing I can think of is if your doing short journeys then the DPF clogs and fills up and it needs 'blowing out' on the motorway
  2. the module is the APIM isn't it? and I wouldn't have thought so. an Ariel is an just Ariel surely?
  3. ahhh right okay i understand. ill have a look into it and see if i can get it done!
  4. i have the sync 3 installed on my car. so i need a new unit and whats forscan? ive heard it used but still no clue what it is
  5. For Reference i have a 2019 Ford Fiesta Active 1.0 Eco boost 100ps with 21,100+ miles on the clock I was driving home last night and an orange wrench symbol cam up on my dash with a message to see manual. i pulled over as soon as i could however i did notice my cars turbo has stopped working, the car ran like poo and it was very jerky. as in it would not spool up at all. i pulled in, turned the car off to check the manual (couldn't find anything but at this point i was panicking) so i started the car up again to nurse it home to have a look in the morning and the wrench had gone and my turbo worked fully??? Any advice on what this was??
  6. The ford focus and every other normal consumer vehicle bar the mustang and one other i think have been discontinued in America as they don't sell enough of them so they only sell truck, vans ETC...
  7. the corsa i had was fly comp, 7k miles with a black box and still was 1500 quid which is alot for a 17/18 year old with a part time job
  8. speakng of track days ive been thinking of making a track car when i can afford it but thats for another thread elsewhere
  9. i have a mk8 (19 plate) fiesta active 1.0 100ps and it didnt come with nav. can that be added on easily or do i need a new unit all together?
  10. this looks absolutely epic man! what kind of power are you hoping to/already pushing?
  11. I do see your point, speed enforcement and speed limits are factors however what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas as they say 🤫😂 but its also about the fun factor. yes it might only be getting to 60 that bit quicker but the amount of fun goes up tenfold with a sportier car
  12. i know me either. before my fiesta i had a 2007 corsa and that was 1500 on insurance 😲
  13. im really just looking for an idea incase its possible 😂😂 but i wish my insurance was 300 a year, id have so much more money
  14. well currently I'm 19 with 1 years no claims and the insurance on my active 100ps is 1600 a year, id imagine when the PCP end it would be about the price you stated
  15. Calling All ST/RS Owners of any generation Fiesta or Focus. When the PCP Ends on the Fiesta Active i have now ill be wanting something fast (So an ST or RS) and I'm wondering what the insurance quotes will be. when the PCP ends i will hopefully have 4 years no claims and ill be 22, it'll be full comp, kept in a work car park in the day and on a drive at home. So if anyone has similar to that could you let me kn0w the prices? if possible?