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  1. Sony Audio System Problem

    Ive had my z blue for six months and no problem with the stereo.
  2. 2007 Ford Fiesta 1.25 or 1.4 ?

    1.4 mate the 1.25 will be far to slow and the fuel consumpsion is about the same.You will probably get a better mpg out of the 1.4 .
  3. fiesta zetec 2008 halo lights??

    The chrome ones look cheap and crxp and from a distance look like normal headlights.I am sure the black will look fine on yer white zetec.
  4. fiesta zetec 2008 halo lights??

    Here are my angel eyes on my zetec blue.Halos by Ultra are your best bet.Plug in and play.
  5. fiesta zetec 2008 halo lights??

    Black halos everytime chrome are yuk.
  6. C-MAX TDCi Power Loss

    Sorry to hear about your c max mate.I had the same prob mate and im sorry to say they could not find the problem with mine.It used to hesitate at around 1700 to 2000 rpm.It nearly cased a bad accident on the motorway as it hesitated so bad on the outside lane doing 70mph the car behind skidded and almost hit me as the brake lights where not on to warm him behind that i was slowing down rapidly.I took it back to fords many times over the year and a half i had it and changed the egr valve three times and updating the firmware countless times .It seemed lovely when i got it back each time but months down the line it would happen again.In the end i traded it in for a focus ,i just about had enough of it.Mine was a 54 plate 1.6tdci ghia.
  7. Headlights

    If both motors are making the noise from both headlights it isnt the motors.Try disconnecting the hight adjuster switch on the dash then listen for the noise its one of two things if it tops the hight adjuster switch is faulty or the really is knackered.
  8. Ford Meet Ideas

    Cheers guys,I am a young minded ,fit old boy at that and hate hanging around with oldies.My mates of always been younger than me .I suppose a few grey hair dont make you past it.
  9. Ford Meet Ideas

    I would love to go to meet everyone ,but i am miles away and im 37 and you dont want an old boy hanging with yer.
  10. My car lowered today 30mm on Eibach springs.

    Yep its ocean blue.
  11. battery problems, i think.

    Get a large flat screwdriver and undo them anticlockwise.
  12. ST wheels on Mk7 Fiesta?

    Standard is 205 the st comes with 205 tyres.
  13. ST wheels on Mk7 Fiesta?

    Rubber i would recommend is 205x40x17 nice low pro and not to wide. ;)
  14. battery problems, i think.

    Have you looked to see if the battery needs topping up with distilled water.If it has 4/5 screw on caps on the top take em all off and have a look .You should see square flat plates sticking upright if there is no water covering the whole of the cells the battery will run done fast.Top it up and charge over night.If its a sheild unit new battery you will need.If still runs down you need to get your alternator checked out.
  15. ST wheels on Mk7 Fiesta?

    Thanks Stig,Nice to see a woman with good taste.Good looking one to i might add.Riko i am not always right mate ,made a few boo boo answers meself in the past more than once.Dont worry mate your time will come.