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  1. Update Sorted it out car is now really quiet. Orders a new strut mount and bearing and removed front offside strut. Once I started to remove the old bearing I found the nut on the top was not tight, it could just just be undone by turning the top plate by hand. Once off I found the hole where the the top of the shock bolts through was shiny on the top and bottom suggesting it had been moving. Fitted it all back together with new bearing and mount and all good.
  2. Did you ever find out more on the shocks as I'm looking as well except mine are 4M51-18045-PBB
  3. yes I've looked into it and if I'm taking it out then might as well do the lot. I just don't see how you find your part numbers? That number brings up loads of used ones on Ebay Dealers don't seem to like giving out part numbers so i don't see how to find out? As I was saying there's about 15 different Ford part numbers for Shocks
  4. yeah its never really needed any work so all parts are original pretty much. The biggest problem I'm having is finding part numbers for all this stuff. There's about 15 part numbers for Ford front shocks :( So is it possible the noise is from inside the shock or would it just be the top mount bearings? Thanks
  5. Ok that's a useful bit of info. So do you think I'd just be better of replacing the top mount and bearing then? First time doing all these jobs so a bit of a learning experience
  6. Ok So I've now replaced the lower arms and anti roll bar links. The car is quieter but i still have the clunk / knock sound. Turning the steering lock to lock is ok no noises, its sometimes when braking at low speeds and when pushing on the side of the wheel at top. I can also get it to make the noise by reaching under the wheel arch and pushing on the side of the strut, I can also feel it when doing this. I think their must be play in the top mount, is this possible? I was considering getting a complete strut from breakers and just swapping it. The question is do the shocks and springs differ?
  7. Right I've had the front wheel off and had a good look at everything. Jacked up lower arm and gave everything a shake. No play or noises from anything apart from in out movement on drive shaft. Car back on ground and noise is back again. I'm now thinking it could be play the suspension strut mount. This would maybe be why it doesn't do it when its hanging as it need the full weight of the car on it. Thoughts? Thnaks
  8. Thanks for the reply I've looked over all that when doing the lower arms, all looked ok. I was thinking outer CV joint or wheel bearing. The thing I don't get is normally to check a bearing the car is raised off the ground yet it won't do it when off the ground. And I didn't think CV joint would cause wheel movement? There is definitely a noise and I think slight movement if I push and pull on the top of the wheel when on the ground.
  9. To keep it short I had a knocking sound at the front. Found when pushing the front wheel at 12 o clock position there was a knock and slight movement. Found ball joint rubber split and bushes worn out so replaced lower arms. Lower arms done i still have a knock, and still knock when pushing the wheel at 12 o clock. Checking it over i have noticed there is in & out movement on the drive shaft. The knock is only there while the car is on the ground if i jack it up it doesn't do it. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. Ok thanks,that's what my Haynes manual says It was just there is a tutorial video on youtube where they say 120Nm rear & 115Nm Front and another that says 100Nm rear & 150Nm front. Seems to vary alot depending where you look
  11. Does anyone know the correct torque figures for the control arm bolts? So far I've found 3 different sets of figures. All are similar for the rear bolts but very different for the front bolt. Thanks
  12. Just an update Ordered the lower arms from the Volvo parts store. Turned up today, they have Volvo stickers on but FoMoCo stamped into the arms and bushes 🙂
  13. Looks like the Same price for both. Was looking here https://www.volvopartshop.com/front-lower-control-arm-left---31277463-with-21mm-ball-joint-10309-p.asp
  14. I just feel like I'm missing something as I don't see why Volvo sell the same part for £60 less. Is the quality the same? as I've heard that some of the OEM stuff isn't up to OE standard.
  15. This is what I was thinking. I've had a look today and now know they are 21mm So you think genuine Volvo parts would be the same as the Ford parts even though they're nearly half the price? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272377253530 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222807526598