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  1. Well, it's been a while since my last post... Since then, have had a few cars, haha... My latest one is the 2014 Ford Focus 1.6 125 Titanium Navigator 5dr Powershift (Mk3), which is the replacement of my Ford C-Max 1.6 Titanium. So far, I'm enjoying it, slightly different tech comparing it to my C-Max. The powershift gearbox is a lot better than the automatic car I used to drive 16 years ago and even though my Focus has the Sync 1 system, it's better than the Bluetooth system that was in the C-Max (not that the system in the C-Max was bad to begin with). So far the 3 things that I do miss from my C-Max is the bigger boot, and the fact that I keep on hitting my knee and my head when getting out of the Focus, haha :) Depending on how things go, would like to (at some point) get my rear windows tinted... But that's for another time :)
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    2014 Ford Focus Titanium

    This is my new (to me) Ford Focus. My 5th Ford, this Focus is the replacement of my C-Max. Current mods: None