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  1. Loud Clunk Shifting From 1St To 2Nd

    After thorough inspection it appears that because i managed to fit the air filter in the gap where the pipe comes off from the engine mount to the air vent at the front, that when i accelerate hard the engine swivels, and when shifting causes the engine to return to position causing the filter to hit the bonnet and plastic mould at the front little air vent thing. going to have to probably put some rubber washers in place it seems or find somewhere else where there is a good cold air inlet other than infront of where the standard air hole is. although i am worried if i mount it too low down water might start becoming a problem. any suggestions please?
  2. Loud Clunk Shifting From 1St To 2Nd

    Ah thats interesting. as its still under warranty do you reckon its worth getting in touch with ford?
  3. i recently removed the standard air filter on my 2007 mk6 fiesta, and replaced it with a cone filter. im not sure if this is just coincidence or a direct cause. but soon after when i was accelerating hard and shifting from 1st to 2nd i could hear a loud clunk coming from somewhere but could not directly locate it. i notice that if i then accelerated to the same amount of revs slower the noise did not occur. it does not happen when changing between other gears or shifting down. it was also only serviced a week ago. what could be the problem?

    would come but i dont finish work till 2pm.