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  1. It's good to see that development is so active with the team at Forscan. I'm in two minds still about how much I need the APIM update which means getting the costly EX cable
  2. For those wishing to update the APIM module via Forscan the beta version required (v2.4.1) that you had to manually request is now generally available (since Sept 1st) Lots of information on the release page Also requires the use of the more expensive OBDLink EX cable
  3. To update the APIM as described on Cyanlabs you need to get the currently experimental version of Forscan version 2.4 which you need to request from the moderators over on the Forscan forum. A couple of people on here have gotten it, but not sure how long they had to wait. Personally I had hoped that with the increased requests for the beta software due to the APIM update issue the necessary version would become public soon, but this hasn't happened yet.
  4. Thank @colinmcg71 I'll give that a try next time it happens and see whats up. I had thought that with poor weather if most of the satellites were low angle it would cause issues. I'd be reluctant to report for similar reasons @Eric Bloodaxe I can't find a repeatable bit of road. Saying that the A63 here in Hull seems a strong candidate, but I'm not here all the time and Waze is a better alternative in most cases. Thanks
  5. I've noticed that in poor weather I seem to loose GPS lock on the Sync 3 nav. This morning in Hull it's low cloud and rain, so the nav reports loss of GPS signal. Thankfully the unit is smart enough most times to understand you were on a road an update the map accordingly but other times you end up with a blank screen or randomly traversing across the map. See image for those lucky enough not to have seen the "no GPS lock" icon on the nav map. Is there a way in the sync3 to show what GPS satellites the unit can currently see? I can remember very early sat navs had a diagnostic screen to show the number and strength of satellites which was helpful when testing. Does anyone else suffer this problem and did you resolve it?
  6. I was wrong,apologies 😳 it was our mk 2 ST that came with just a can of goo Yep, I should have looked (I can't edit my original post for clarity now, time limit?)
  7. The ST doesn't come with a jack or a spare of any kind sadly, it's a can of goo at best! You are right, with the extended sill on the ST, the extended undertray and exhaust shielding there is nowhere really left that can accommodate both the jack and a axle stand. I might try that Fiesta puck if it fits the Focus as well, seems cheap enough. When I looked their was nothing specific mentioned, hence this post. Although, the dedicated set of hard rails might be the best in the long run. Thanks for all the replies.
  8. This is the first time I've had to jack my mk 3.5 ST estate up at the rear. Previously for the front I've jacked under the front suspension bushing and it's been OK. I've avoided the sill points for fear of damaging them. At the rear though, to get an axle stand under the rear suspension sub-frame I can't fit the jack there too, so I had to use the sill, with rather poor consequences for my jack. see pictures Jacked up and down once on each side has finished off the pad! 1. Is this normal / safe 2. are there better solutions, better pads? With the axle stands I always put a bit of wood in between, but when I tried with the jack the sill started to seriously bite into the wood and was worried about damaging the sill. I assumed the pad on the jack would fair better, seemingly not!
  9. I got this done over the last weekend, feels like I should have done it years ago! Many thanks for the information and to all the posters here, it's a great resource. If you are going to do it, read everything first and watch the videos. The extra tips from Bannko were invaluable, some parts of the dash I would have broken if not for his extended instructions. However, I do have a few followup questions Although I had Forscan installed and and backed up my old Sync 2 settings, the new APIM just worked after I installed it. It was supposedly taken from a RS with the same NAV and rear camera / sensors as my vehicle from what I can tell. If it appears to all work, is there anything I need to do? I read about the climate page not working, there is no climate page for me? (I'm assuming as above it is already disabled) The bottom bar reads Audio, Phone, Navigation, Mobile Apps, Settings.
  10. Thanks @colinmcg71 that is really helpful. I'd forgotten about the side airbags! Might be best to get a specialist to quote me on it.
  11. You can keep the head unit / CD player. It is just the screen and APIM that form the Sync 3 unit that needs to be changed up front. The list of items you need is in the 1st post
  12. I'm thinking about doing this too, could you give any details on the process? I'm pretty sure this is the part number for the facelift aerial with the additional fakra connector over the standard Sync 2 version. "JM5T-19G461-CA" Can you confirm this is the one you have? Also, any tips on how you removed the headlining to get at the base of the aerial and where you routed the extension aerial cable? I'm thinking along the headlining and down the A pillar into the dash but not sure if it will rattle about?
  13. That is interesting! Perhaps as your car could have Sync3 fitted now that the spec' and parameters of the updated xml match, the Ford server now accepts it. The mk3 ST never got Sync3 officially so I suspect this won't be the case for me but will be interesting to see. Hopefully I'll have all the bits by the weekend so I can start the install.
  14. I would think that the Ford site does a sanity check on the file when you upload it. If the VIN in the file matches a VIN that the Ford database says Sync 3 is installed on, it will accept it. (This may potentially remove the option of the VIN donor getting the update if you perform it before they do!) If your VIN is in the file, the Ford site will lookup on that, see that there is no database match on Sync 3 and reject the file. With maps is it not just a case of getting the update files (from anywhere?) and applying them to your vehicle, the actual registering of this process doesn't matter so long as the update to the car works?
  15. Firstly, thank you for such a detailed guide in this thread. I have a question about updates if you do not have the VIN of the donor car. How does the Ford UK Sync update site work? If I find a similar spec car to mine (rear camera, rear parking sensors, no parking aids) can I use the VIN of that car and apply the download to my car? Are the updates from the Ford Sync site dynamically built so that it provides just the right install options dependent on the VIN provided? Looking on the official update site with the hijacked VIN it says that a software update is available, 2.8GB. I am assuming I can only apply this if it is later than my current version? Is there a breakdown of what is contained within the 2.8GB update, files with version numbers etc? I know that my APIM module is v3.0 19205, so would only want to apply later updates else fear of bricking the APIM unit.