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  1. Just Got A 07 Zetec 1.8 Petrol... Few Niggles..

    Thanks for the reply, Its quite funny all the different views on certain aspects, we have the climate pack and the manual says the heated mirrors are activated when the REAR heated screen button is pressed, but I have heard the same as you aswell, its when you hit the front heated screen! I guess I can test it tomorrow as were due a load more snow! I reckon you could be right on the aux in the glove box, I’ll get the torch in there again tonight when the wife is home! With regards the boot, a bloke in work has an 09 and he says his boot only opens halfway and youhave to push it the rest, as already stated above. Cheers all
  2. Just Got A 07 Zetec 1.8 Petrol... Few Niggles..

    cheers all very interesting what you say about the heated mirrors, i have been told various things, if you do have them there should be a little logo in the bottom left of the window? starfield can you confirm if you have this? I checked the glovebox last night and there is a plastic disc with a hole in it where i assume the aux goes but sadly there is no aux socket. ive ordered a lead from ebay which also comes with the keys to take your stereo out, you plug the lead in the back and then you can use an ipod. however i have been told in some cars the wire is connected to theback of the stereo but not actually visible in the car.
  3. Hi All, Picked up the 07 reg Zetec 1.8 petrol yesterday, its great but have a few questions... 1 - Does it have heated mirrors? The manual says when you turn on the rear window heater switch the heated mirrors kick in, i clicked the rear window heater button gave it a few seconds but the mirrors didnt feel warm to the touch? Is there any other way to find out 'if' they are heated? (sorry if that is a really dull question!!) 2- After having smashed my head on the boot while checking the spare tyre it seems the 'gas hinges' are either seized or knackered? The boot only opens about halfway (you have to give it a good shove to open fully) is it just a case of spraying a load of lubricant on the hinges or is it a known issue? 3 - I have the standard 6000cd head unit, i wa sudner the impressio9n with the zetec you also get an AUX port, i cant seem to find one? That all really, Cheers for any help