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  1. It’s just more back and forth. I bought a new car so I didn’t have to deal with recurring problems.
  2. So far no more problems with the modem. But barely 2 weeks having the car back and Not one start/stop so far, plus the sensors are randomly doing the high pitched sound. Restarting ignition solves it but this is how the problems started first time around. I can live with the sensor sound issue and no start/stop but if the other problems return, I’m taking the car to the dealership, handing over the keys and will tell them I’m rejecting the car. I'm gutted. I did not have a car for 7 years. I spent a lot of time researching cars and finally decided on the Focus, only to find it’s an electronic lemon. Not impressed for the price.
  3. Check the about SYNC software page - is your “on-board modem serial number” listed with a serial number next to it, or is it blank? Mine was blank when the problems you mention above happened. Replacing the modem brought the serial back and fixed the problems.
  4. Finally today they replaced the telematics unit. And, just as I told them, all the problems are fixed. Wish they’d listened to me at the start! Still, I’m pleased to finally have a fully working car! Fingers crossed no more problems.
  5. Yesterday morning they called. As I predicted, they said they were unable to contact Ford servers still and would I mind bringing it back in 2 weeks. I told them I will be rejecting the car as unfit for purpose, because I’m convinced it’s a hardware fault but all they do is try to download software. They guaranteed me a courtesy car when I come back and went on about this is the process they must follow. I need the car so I said fine, I’ll collect it at 4pm but I’d be speaking to CRC in the morning. Got there and was told they’d miraculously been able to connect to Ford in the last 10 minutes. They resolved the sensor problem with a software update. But the Sync connectivity & emergency call function is still not working. However, they’d just identified the telematics unit was dead (I told them it had to be this at the start!) and ordered a replacement. It’s due to arrive on June 16. They’ll replace it and give me a courtesy car while it’s being done. Persistence and calmly but firmly threatening to take action seems to have paid off.
  6. Absolutely useless. Took the car to Ford on Tuesday. Explained the problems in detail. Explained what’s been discussed in the forums. They still have the car. All they will do is update the software on the telematics unit, but they can’t do that because Ford has a problem internally with getting the software. I’ve asked them to replace the unit but they tell me they can’t do that until they’ve deployed the latest software and checked everything else first. But of course they can’t deploy the software because of this issue internally with Ford. Argh! So I’ve got to wait till tomorrow - day 3 of the car sitting at the dealer. I’m betting they fob me off again tomorrow and then tell me on Friday something like “the software won’t be available for 2 weeks so come back with your car then”. I guess time will tell. If they do that, I’m going back to CRC and telling them to take the car back as it’s not fit for purpose and the dealer refuses to fix the problem.
  7. Clearly my modem must broken then. I’m taking it on Tuesday (unless they cancel on me yet again).
  8. Good to hear! What version are you on? Still no new update for me via SYNC in-car or the Ford website. Still 3.3, Build 19052. Problems still exist.
  9. No, it’s still 3.3. The build version is what is supposed to be released soon (under the version number in About SYNC screen). Mine says Build 19052_PRODUCT. That number is supposed to increment when the update is released.
  10. Spoke to Ford dealership. They keep postponing my service, apparently my issue is not important enough. The guy I spoke to reckons 3.4 is not designed for Mk4 Focus. According to him, a new build of 3.3 was due to be released in April, but it was delayed due to Covid-19. He is confident the new build will be out within the next 2 weeks and it is supposed to fix the sensor sounds, emergency failure, sync problem etc. I hope so. They’ve put me off until early June. If it’s not fixed by then or if they fob me off further, I’m going to push CRC to return the car. But I’d rather not have to go down that route.
  11. How did you get the update? I saw your message and checked for updates in my car, but it still shows latest as 3.3. I’ve logged my car problems with Ford CRC. They just told me to visit my dealer - when it’s open next (who knows then that is).
  12. 19052 is what I’ve had for months. I heard about 3.4 being out there and that it fixes many problems. But apart from a hobbyist website, I see no proof of it. Seems to me that this car is a dud. I have a provisionally booked date at the dealer for 11 May but that’s assuming they will be allowed to open. I’m thinking of phoning Ford CRC and telling them to take car back.
  13. What version of SYNC are you running now? When I go to the site and put in my VIN, it says “Your software is already up-to-date. No action is required.”
  14. But there is no update! If I log into Ford on my laptop and check for updates, it says 3.3 is the latest version. The only place I’ve seen 3.4 available is on some Russian site. I’m not risking bricking my car with untrusted software.
  15. Yeah, I found some. But only available in big multi-packs of 3-prongs for like £18 or singles which will take 3-4 weeks (probably from China).
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