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  1. Yes.its not showing up in Fordpass unfortunately.
  2. I've ordered a scanner but I dont think it will arrive in time. I'm quite prepared to action option 2 should it be needed..... 😁
  3. Hmm. I'm just concerned that if the fault isn't logged they'll want me to pay £114 for them to not find or fix anything.
  4. Thanks for this. I agree, however the dealer is pretty pedantic to say the least. I wish I had taken a picture. I will do next time. Good tip.
  5. Hi all Another "blip" with my car. On Friday 31/7, going round a roundabout I got: Steering assist malfunction warning and power steering gone! Switched engine off and on again and all OK since. I've booked it into the dealer for it to be checked out as advised in handbook. Question is....... can dealer tell from on-board diagnostics that I had this malfunction happen?? I ask as it will be nearly 3 weeks from event by the time the dealer sees it as they couldn't give me an appointment until 17/8 and they charge a £114 diagnostic fee if it isn't a warranty issue. As long as they can see I've had the issue, then I can argue against paying the £114. Hope someone can help! Cheers Don
  6. 😂. An educated guess only. Fuses ok and controls started working again next day. Yet another "blip" with this car!!
  7. Thanks. I thought fuse 7 as well.
  8. Hi I have a 2019 Focus Estate. Today, the controls in the drivers door armrest for windows and mirrors have all stopped working. The window buttons on the other doors all still work. Is this likely to be a fuse or something else? If a fuse, help in identifying which one would be great. Reading the handbook, it's not obvious to me which one it would be. (As you can tell, I'm not technical) Cheers Don
  9. Thanks Ian. PM sent.
  10. It's the 1.5 diesel. Surely it shouldn't need an oil change so soon other than because its hit 1 year old?
  11. No. Only had the car since November. It is 1 year old and has done 4200 miles. It was serviced when I bought it from main dealer in November (at 2600 miles) but I doubt they changed the oil.
  12. I have a 2019 Focus Titanium X. I'm getting the "change oil soon message". Reading the above it looks like I should be able to reset this through the display. However, when I go to Settings/Information, there isn't an Oil Life option in that menu. So, help please, how do I reset it??