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  1. hi all I have a 2013 fiesta zetec s mk7 .5 . I have fitted 4 rear parking sensors ,from the sensor control box there is 4 wires 1red ,1black ,1yellow and 1 blue . The sensor control box originally can run 8 sensors but i have only fitted the rear ones. Can any1 advise me how to wire them up . Thank you.
  2. Thank you all But ive tried both and it still says same thing this is a pic of my usb sticks. It worked a couple of weeks ago cos iv used both . Tia.x
  3. Hi all thanks for replying. I,m trying to play music from an sd card but even tho its lighting up it keeps saying no usb device detected. I put up a pic to show u . Tia x
  4. hi all i have a mk7.5 13 plate fiesta zetec s 1.0ecoboost. I have ff sat nav and the dab radio. All these were in the car when i got it . The sat nav still finks its in Peterborough or somwhere lol so everytime i want to use it , it acting as if im in Peterborough and it always says at bottom of screen no gps. Do i have sync 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 n6789 lol. And it always says sync can not detect any usb devices please help me out guys thank you all in advance.
  5. hi all Can some1 please tell me if this is a rain sensor or gps antenna. Thank you very much the part number is DE8T 19H463 DC.
  6. Tozzza


    Hi Not as far as i know, where the single wire is theres a bit of glue (i think) maybe where the last owner had a dash cam or somthing. Only had the car since end of april this year. Is there any way i can find out if the windscreen has been changed . Thank you .
  7. Hi all Can any1 advise me on what this connector is for please, i came across it in the roof liner next to my windscreen and also the single wire that has been cut level with the roof liner also. Thank you guys n gals x
  8. Hi all i have a mk7.5 fezza zetec s on a 13 plate. How would i go about retrofit fitting heated seats any help would be great thanks. Is the pic where the switchs wud go.
  9. Hi all can any1 advise me whats needed to change my cup holder illumination from red to blue . Thank you.
  10. Thanks very much .
  11. Hi all I have a 13 plate zetec s and would love it even more if it had power fold mirrors. If i was to retrofit them what would it involve. I,ve checked the fuse box n i dont have the 2 relays in there so how would i go about fitting them . Thank you.
  12. Tozzza


    Hi every1 Just got a 13 plate fiesta zetec s and absolutely love it so far but i noticed sum red lights built into door panels should these light up . Cheers.