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  1. Haha mine wasn't that bad the pump was dead however.
  2. Thanks for your insights guys. I don't really see the point either now.
  3. I managed to sort the problem out, the pump needed replacing, took a few hours but now I've got screen wash spraying on the windscreen
  4. Yeah I certainly feel like it would just be a placebo after talking to others but it's nice to know what other guys think
  5. I think it's where gas it put though the engine and its suppose to take away carbon deposits from combustion, my engine just seems a bit rough and it seems a bit unsmooth when at low speeds.
  6. I got a quote for a carbon clean for £75 my car has 150k+ mileage so I think it might help the engine out, what do people think?
  7. @Stoney871 I think that’s the issue, going to try and fix it today, thanks.
  8. Just thought I'd check here if anyone knows what I can do about this issue. When I push the wash button on the wiper stalk it doesn't wash it only activated the wipers. I think either the pump is dead, there a tube blocked or theres an electrical fault. Has anyone had this issue before or have a link for a thread on this topic?
  9. Hi all. I have have this issue only when I first start the car in the morning, the idle goes up and down and sometimes a bit of smoke comes out the back, I recently fixed an issue where the turbo intake hose from the Airbox was broken as there was fumes coming out of the engine bay but this issue seems to happen now and then, I have a feeling it's either a dirty dpf or possibly bad injectors? The engine seems to be fine after its warmed up so I'm not sure. Any ideas?
  10. I've fixed it now. Thanks.
  11. Hi my name is luke, I thought I join for advice on my ford ownership, I've got a 2009 ford focus mk2 estate with the zetec s trim level in blue, it's got 150000 miles but I didn't pay alot for it so I want to slowly fix it up a bit.
  12. Hi my name is luke I'm new to the forum, I've got a 2009 ford focus estate zetec s with the 1.6 tdci, I bought it for £1000 with 150000 miles on the clock so it's a bit rough in places, I'm trying to make sure it's running ok, and I've noticed some small oil leaks in the engine bay, I'll provide photos, anyone know where it could be coming from?