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  1. Finally got a call from the repair centre mostly panel damage and the leak was oil apparently i punctured the oil filter and the part that houses the ecu are made to order so its just a waiting game now
  2. It has finally arrived at the repair centre of insurers choice and I'm just waiting on their assessment but I have been told they are clearing their backlogs before they asses my vehicle as the majority of their staff have unfortunately been furloughed
  3. It was Just my car involved, I assumed I knocked the oil sump as it was foot wide rectangle shape streak and the computer sensor said oil low when we tried to move the car to a safer position that and me and my dad nearly slipped over in it
  4. I was more concerned about the oil streak on floor after the accident I should of mentioned that the ecu unit was smashed off as they are fitted behind the bumper my insurance have informed me that it will take longer than usual due to covid 19 if it is repairable
  5. I was unfortunately involved in accident that resulted in my car being towed away by copart my insurance at first glance presumed it was written off but their engineer says other wise and have now been told it is repairable and will be sent to their recommended repair shop for thorough inspection I'm just after some advice I have sent the picture to other repair shops who have all told me it's a write off what do you guys think?