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  1. New Sony Radio For The Mk7

    It does look sexy, but wondering about the integrated vents on the original. Would the Sony come with new pieces or would one actually have to cut? As someone else mentioned, ther screen looks to be updated as well...tied to the Sony HU or a possible ECU update?
  2. Mk7 1,4TDCi. Recalculated I'm getting 460 miles - 500+ miles per tank. Considering the price of diesel here, our rougher roads, and lack of proper motorways on my commute, I'm quite pleased.
  3. Which winter tyres??

    I have them and have used them...and they "work as advertised"...with one exception. IMHO they are not as easy to put on as the adverts suggest....especially with the limited wheelwell space of fez. But agree with the above posters...great for piece of mind ;)
  4. Which winter tyres??

    Good luck...as someone said earlier though, you'll want to get some spare rims when you can. Swapping the tyres twice a year on the same set of rims is a right pain in the !Removed! :D Check eBay for some used steel rims (or even some OEM alloys) that someone has replaced...good chance you'll find some eventually for very little cost...
  5. Which winter tyres??

    These are some of the best in the business: Nokian Haakapeliitta 7 and Continental ContiWinterContact Not sure if you can get the Nokians in the UK, but it looks like the Conti's are available. Would recommend either set. My wife runs the Contis and I have the Nokians on my car... Autosocks are a good alternative for good winter traction when you really need it. Good Luck
  6. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm quite confused by the fact that I enjoy the colour quite a bit...and at the exact same time dismiss it entirely as the last colour I would pick! On a slightly related note, I always name my cars, and my wife's choice is margarita(ville), and my choice is Booger (I think that's Bogey or Bogie in English venacular). Anyone care to weigh in with their thoughts?
  7. Poll on Fiesta Mk7 Colour Choice

    First post...completely new to the forum, and fords for that matter. Just wanted to drop my vote for (and I can't actually believe I'm saying this) the green color, metallic squeeze I believe is the proper name. I bought a demo, got a good deal (by Norwegian standards) so had no choice on the color. But I can honestly say that the green would have been in the bottom 3 of my list of color choices...but now I don't know. I've grown quite fond of the color and it is certainly well outside my normal color choice for a car (blue or silver). So in an odd sort of twist, I'm quite happy that the choice was not up to me for I would have never even considered it :)