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  1. yes all checked its getting loads of oil... forgot to mention this for some reason the vacum pipe going to turbo wen engine runs is constantly pulled down even wen shut off and wait for acuater to release it dont release it will only release if i take vacum pipe off the turbo ??? also wne the turbo does decide to work some times it kicks in at 2 an half thousand and other times 3000
  2. hey guys so i got this 55 plate 1.6 tdci blow 2 turbos now on the 3rd this time ive repaired it myself so here goes new turbo fitted sump removed cleaned banjo blots cleaned new filter new injector seals everything was blown through using my airline... so heres the problem ive done about 30 to 40 miles on this turbo and its been playing up since install it will boost nice wen its on a cold start but as soon as she gets to a certain temp then she stops boosting.. egr valve has been changed due to setting the emg on all the time. ive changed the acuater on the back of the engine as i thought this could be my problem im running out of ideas now wat it could be any help will be great im fed up of these garages they dont do the job tidy and always charge for the full work even if they havent removed the sump :(
  3. oil level is fine had it plugged into diagnostic fuel pressure 45 psi and apparently it needs to be 250 im puzzled with this car had tank off cleaned reservar and new filter diesel cleaner put in still the same now im thinking do i buy some new injectors maybe this could be my problem also car making rattling noise from tappets at certain revs never done this before
  4. loads of black smoke coming out out it turbo pipes are kegged in oil and no aint checked the oil level will be doing that tommorrow as ive been told it could be running on the engine oil
  5. hey guys so my car has developed a problem starting fuel filter changed full tank of diesel gd glow plugs put diesel cleaner in to it wont start unless started with break cleaner sprayed into the intake. maybe i have sticky stop solenoid as other day turned ignetion off and engine still ran ????? can the solenoid be taken out and cleaned ????
  6. my misses focus did this i replaced pipe behind manifold and new lambda sensor and aint had problem since
  7. any 1 find out wat this problem is im having same problem now but mine wont start at all unless i spray brake cleaner in the intake ????? also does any 1 no if i can change the stop solenoid mabye this is my problem
  8. hey guy just ha d m8 bring his fiesta down make a loud knocking noise from cams on inspecting this problem i found the cam bolts were all loose i have tightend up with my rathet to find it has quiet down now i have a tork wrench but dont know the settings can any of you guys tell me pls thanks
  9. would this cause it to lack on power wen the speedo goes off its seems to me as if im driving with no battery the battery light does come on wen the speedo stops working but only wen i come to a stop also where do i find the gear box sensor ?
  10. hey guys i have a mark 1 focus t plate now the problem is il be driving down the road and all of a sudden the speedo will go off and the car will lack on power but will still drive if i come to a set of traffic lights it will cut out it will then start back up off the key first turn but speedo remain off and still lacking it only seems to be realy happening if the weathers isnt very good or dull day. wat i have tried ive pulled nearly every plug i can find around the engine and put grease in these hoping this would stop i havent touched the fuse box just 2 big connecters under neath also my fuel gadge has now gone on the blink