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  1. No that's why I'm worried cus it's the same noise but on the other side. Like one of yous suggested could have been the brakes as I hadn't drove it since doing it. I'll jack it up later after work and test it again. Just dont wanna waste £50 on a new bearing if its something else. But i checked it a couple days before I changed the coils and it wasnt making any noise at all. As soon as I'd done them I checked to compare it to the side with the bearing that's gone and they're both doing it🤣🤣ffs Ill let you know how it goes later mate as it could have been brakes needed using a bit.
  2. Okay perfect. Thanks to both of you for your help. I'll send the aftermarket one back because that cost me £50 so may aswell pay an extra tenner and have one that actually lasts. I'll let yous know how it goes👍🏻
  3. Yeah one I've bought is aftermarket. And I'm guessing the one the mechanic fitted must have been after market too for it to go so soon. I'll probably send this one back then and look for the genuine ford parts or skf ones. Found the part number. Do you know the best place to look for these? I've seen your forum about picking up a set for £60 or whatever but I can only find them for around £60 each. Also with my last comments further up, will this noise definitely be the bearing, if not what else could it be? Any help would be appreciated thanks👍🏻
  4. Only other thing I could think is that my locking wheel nut key is rounded off a lot so quite hard to get very tight. It's not loose tho and the wheels dont seem to move or anything when I check with my hands. If this wasnt tight enough would this cause a rough noise when its rotating? It's not rough all the time just every time it hits a certain point in the rotation.
  5. Only thing I've done is get someone to put their foot on top of the drum and push down so I could take the coil out and put the new one back in. Other than that I dont know why it would be the brakes. Not touched them yet. I'll take it for a little drive and come back and see if they are still making a rough noise. Just dont understand how one bearing has apparently gone and then before I even get a chance to change it another one has🙄 Worst part is I paid a mechanic £100 in August to supply and fit me the exact wheel bearing which has gone! Also I've not got a genuine wheel bearing, it's an aftermarket one I think so is it worth just sending that back and buying a genuine one if it definitely is the wheel bearing that needs doing? Cheers
  6. **UPDATE** just changed both rear coils myself. First time I've done anything like this on my own. Now the other rear wheel sounds rough when rotated but didnt sound like this a few days ago before I messed with the wheel. Is there anything else that could be causing the wheel to sound rough when rotated? I'm not convinced it's a wheel bearing now as it would be very weird for both to go in a short space of time wouldnt it? Wheel just sounds rough everytime it hits a certain part every rotation. Any help would be great👍🏻
  7. I'll look at the videos and give it a go. Cheers
  8. Sorry forgot to say mate, I haven't bought just the bearing, I bought the whole wheel hub as I knew I'd come to that problem. So its just a case of opening up the drum and getting the old hub out, but I dont wanna mess about with stuff that doesn't need messing about with lol. Just wondering if anyone knew the correct way to do it that I should follow? Cheers
  9. Hi, I'm trying to change a rear wheel bearing on my fiesta mk7. I cant find anything on YouTube to help as the only tutorials I can find is on an ST which has disc brakes not rear drum brakes like mine. Does anyone know how to do this and what screw head is required to get into the drum please? Also if it is actually easy enough to do myself or better off taking to a mechanic as I know I will have to mess with the brakes? Thanks
  10. Okay mate thanks, I'll give it a go see if it works
  11. I think itd be too much wiring and stuff like that for someone like me🤣thought there would have been an easier way but guess not. Cheers anyway 👍
  12. I'd deffo f*ck that up, not got a clue with all the wiring aha. Was just asking to see if there was an easy way. More bothered about the bluetooth rather than the DAB because the fm transmitter I'm using is getting on my nerves🤣 thanks tho mate just dont have the knowledge to start doing all that to my car aha
  13. Ah okay nice one. Worth a try. Not worth messing with it all, and I dont like the look of any of the aftermarket ones I have seen, that's why I wanted an original ford one. I've got a bluetooth fm transmitter at the moment but the quality of it isnt very good, and I'm looking to upgrade my front speakers ans add some rear ones but no point if the fm transmitter is sh*t anyway aha
  14. Yeah I've heard people have managed to do it properly so the steering controls work too but cant be arsed with that. Too much hassle really🤣you have to get a code or something too
  15. Is this the kind of thing I'm looking for?