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  1. Fiesta Mk7 On Its Way

    Unfortunatly A Mercedes C250 Sport Plus, had my eye on one for a while, new Fiesta ST/Focus St around 18K another few K and you have a nice car!
  2. Fiesta Mk7 On Its Way

    Guys I have a Fiesta Mk7 1.6s 2008 /58 which i am going to trade in next week, is there anyone out there who is looking for a sporty number and would like to make an offer.(reasonable) Vehicle has done 54,000 full ford service history just had 75k mile service and new disc and pads on front, It hads a city pack,comms pack, iluminated gear shift, full size spare, 20mm spacers all round, mountune spoiler extensions, eibach lowered springs( have originals) stoffler rear diffuser, custom twin exit exhaust, white dials. paint work finished in white had the vehicle since 1000 miles and purchased from sky ford all work carried out by ford.
  3. Full Size Spare

    Guys, need some help. Purchased new 17" Alloy for my Zetec S as a spare, had Tyre fitted 205/40/17 purchased all the bits from ford, Jack ,wheel brace and foam holder securing pin. Collected today just fitted and now the carpet sits about an inch to inch and a half in the centre as if the wheel should not be there?? Is this correct.
  4. Drum Brakes To Disc Brakes

    Front should be disc?
  5. Looks good, What size springs have you fitted?
  6. 2013 Fiesta Arriving 1St March!

    Where you based?
  7. Forget me didn't understand the question
  8. Ticking Noise

    Well some good news put the car into a small family run garage and after a couple of hours got a call to say that the noise was coming from the front of the car on investigation it turns out that when ford put new pads in they didn't clean the lip on the disc that's what was causing the noise, anyway these guys have cleaned the disc and the car is as good as new. Oh and the cost 39 pound, that's where my car will be going for service in future such pleasant people I actually left feeling good after spend money on the car.
  9. Ticking Noise

    Sad thing is I actually watched it??
  10. Ticking Noise

    Would this be a warranty item? Not much is covered I know?
  11. Ticking Noise

    Just had it serviced last week, been fine since then only done 20,000. They had trouble getting locking wheel nuts off as tyre depot had done them up with air gun so had to replace with new set after hacking them off could this have caused damage?
  12. Ticking Noise

    Advise needed, I have a ticking noise coming from the Nsr rear wheel it only starts when the wheel gets warm, today I reversed into a parking space and the noise was like a grinding noise but only going backwards I popped into my ford dealer but service was closed and not able to look at for three days. Any advise gladly accepted
  13. Road Tax From Dealer

    Make sure they have not put another owner on the registration document by doing it this way, I worked in the trade for a good number of years and never got round this issue?
  14. Road Tax From Dealer

    Take the car back and tell them it's illegal to drive and that you would like a loan car till its sorted. See if that works
  15. Upgrading Tyres

    Oh we'll 0.4 at 30mph and 1mph at 70 I think I could live with that.