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  1. Hello! I want to buy rear bumper plastic molding, but unable to find it on eBay. What is it called? Thank you!
  2. It was it actually. Problem solved. Thank you!
  3. Well, sometimes it is working correctly, sometimes it blows hot air and sometimes really cold. Both sensors - same results. Sensor fan is working. AC reset helps every time. I suppose there was problem in air mixing control. Checked air temp flap motor - it is working.
  4. Well, now A/C is blowing only cold air in any mode. I did nothing. The only difference that it is warmer outside than it was before.
  5. Nope. I bought the car 3 month ago. Everything I know - oil and oil filter was changed last summer. So, I'm planning to change all the filters and fluids in June.
  6. There was no fluff and fan was working, but I cleaned it anyway. Now A/C is working correctly 50/50. I guess my sensor has some problems with connection, probably because of old wires. It was some white grease on the connector pins. Should it be there? Or it may only cause the problem?
  7. So, air doesn't blow directly on this sensor, because there is a lot of fluff in the vent, and sensor tells A/C that it is very cold inside the car. Sounds reasonable. I will try to vacuum it. I noticed that A/C doesn't blow at all on my left foot. Now it makes sense. Thank you! P.S. Does it looks like the one in the photo?
  8. Hello, My A/C is blowing warm air(27 Celsius) when it is set to 16-20 degrees Celsius. When I set it to LO - it works properly and blows cold air(3-4 Celsius). All measurements were taken directly from air vent. Tried automatic setup, but this did not solve the problem. What can cause this problem? Can low refrigerant level cause it? Thank you!
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