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  1. Happy Birthday stevewright!

  2. stevewright

    2007 Focus Anti Roll Bar - Symetrical Or Not

    the drop links were checked and i was told they were fine? the steering rod was replaced yesterday, but hasnt made much difference. If i was to get a new anti roll bar, ie eibach do one that go with the springs, would it come with new link rods?
  3. as some of you may know, im having trouble with my 2007 ford focus 1.8 tdci and creaking/knocking noise coming from the passenger side. it was looked at yesterday by a ford dealer, who said the anti roll bar is rubbing against the chassis. He mentioned that the bar is not symetrical on both sides, but wasnt sure if this was normal or not? He recommends i change the shock absorbers first, but i have feeling im going to need to change shocks and anti roll bar (expensive!)
  4. stevewright

    Creaky Ford Focus On Eibach Springs

    only problem is the cost for labour... around 3 hrs work to change the springs, and at £72 an hr for garages in and around london, it aint cheap
  5. stevewright

    Creaky Ford Focus On Eibach Springs

    thanks for the replies. prob is the springs have been on there now for about 4 months now, and its gettting worse not better. its only coming from the passenger side. I just dont get it.IVe had 4 mechanics now look at it, 2 of them drove the car and said the noise is terrible, but not one can actually find whats wrong with it. Im not a mechanic myself, but surely theres only a handful of parts and linkages that it could be? The only suggestion has been that at 50000 miles the shocks are prob half way through their life at least, and by lowering the car its put extra strain on them. but no one can tell me by spending £500+ by time i buy replacement shocks and fitment, that its gona make any different. :(
  6. stevewright

    Creaky Ford Focus On Eibach Springs

    ok, car was checked over and driven today. springs are fine, not an eibach problem, but they cant find what the problem is! shocks seem ok, roll bar and connecting rods ok, but yet its still making this terrible noise. suggestion is to replace the shocks and see what happens, but im gona have a big bill to do that, with no gurantees its gona make any difference !
  7. stevewright

    Creaky Ford Focus On Eibach Springs

    im stumped myself over it. i was convinced the springs had been mixed up, ie springs for the petrol and not the diesel but they seem to check out.
  8. stevewright

    Creaky Ford Focus On Eibach Springs

    one more thing... i did go to a ford dealer first. they were more worried arguing with me before they even looked at the car that 17inch wheels are too big for the focus.... this remark combined with charging £45 to scratch theyre !Removed! and walk round the car to have a look left me walking out
  9. stevewright

    Creaky Ford Focus On Eibach Springs

    thanks for the responses... the car was fitted with the full set, ie all 4 springs. theyre not fakes, as ive got the original eibach box with the proper part numbers etc, which i have confirmed with eibach themselves. Ive got the car booked in on tuesday for an eibach dealer to have a look at them. I find it hard to believe though that both front springs could have snapped? regards to fitting, i think the eibach pro kit springs are around £140, my mates a mechanic so he fitted them for nothing. biggest cost is usually the fitting, your talking about 3-4 hrs work, which as some garages can charge up to £70 an hr really mounts up
  10. stevewright

    Creaky Ford Focus On Eibach Springs

    ive checked the part number directly of the spring itself, and confirmed with eibach that they are the correct springs for the diesel. prob is, it was a mate (he is a mechanic) who got the springs of a mate.... thus i dont have the receipt, which im quite upset about (eibach wont honour a warrenty claim without the receipt) theres no rubber isolater on the old springs, so it must have been fitted to the new ones. prob is im getting conflicting information, each new mechanic that looks at it tells me something different, and eibach are confirming they are they correct springs for the car. i dont really want to spend hundreds of pounds on labour getting another garage to dismantle the whole front suspension, to tell me the same thing again. Also thinking even if i replaced the front shocks, ill prob still have the same prob as it seems to be the springs.
  11. i have a 2007 ford focus, 1.8 tdci and a few months ago got it lowered on eibach pro sport lowering springs. the car has the standard shocks. recently, its been making a creaking noise towards the front passenger side, and tapping noise when i go over speed bumps. Ive been told by one mechanic that the springs are to short for the shocks, the standard shocks arent good enough, the springs are the wrong ones, they dont fit correctly etc, and another mechanic that the springs look like the end had broken of them, but when ive spoken to eibach and checked the part numbers they are the correct springs for the car, and are designed for use with the stock shocks. the car has done 49000 miles so the shocks should be ok, and the link rods for the anti roll bar are ok, but yet the car sounds like a creaky banger :( has anyone else had this problem, or can anyone advise? thanks steve
  12. hey, im looking to get slick new headlight units for my all black ford focus (2007 mark 2) prob is, theres so many out there, and the one i really like is very expensive, and i have only found from taiwan. also, apparantly to replace ccfl halo bulps they can be 40quid each?! here are the options... this is option most practical to get, not to expensive, looks cool these lights are a work of art! love them, but most expensive of the lot, and also availability could be a problem (and ccfl replacements are 40 quid each) these are quite nice, but do they look a bit too clumsy? do like the led running lights though i love the led running lights here, but hate the square headlights.. what do you guys reckon? Also, if i do get an option that comes with ccfl halos, how long do these last? (am i gona have to fork out £160 to replace them every yr) thanks
  13. stevewright

    Which Aftermarket Headlights?

    I have a black 2007 ford focus mark 2, and im looking at blinging up the front a little bit, but i cant quite decide... there are about 5 different variations of headlight, chrome, black, projector, halo (chrome and black) or the audi R8 led look. Im quite keen on the projector/halo"angel" style, but i cant decide on the colour. Ive got black alloys, and was sticking to the black look, but im thinking the black headlight surrounds might be a bit too much? Also, they have auto headlights. how does this actually work? and if i change the headlights will it disable this function? (ie where is the lights on sensor) thanks
  14. stevewright

    Help! water ingress in boot

    hopefully some other users will find this thread usefull also :)
  15. stevewright

    Help! water ingress in boot

    at least now ive found the cause i can look to fix it like you say whats the best silicone sealant to use? difficulty accesssing it from behind, so may fill hole with solicone, then press new clip into it