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  1. Thanks haven't dig to much into menus to have a look, thought there would be option. OK i have to look at that option then see if i can.
  2. Thanks Gaz for all your help and feed back it really helped and got it running after me now releasing Canbus need to be connected to new stereo either leads need be other end lol. 😉 All part of the learning. Yep mine all up and running now. USB extension cables and USB iphone charger all running from stereo down to centre console. One powers LED lights so other spare lead but might need that for armrest when it arrives. Enjoy the Pic. So Stereo wheel controls don't work now but rest do so not major issue. When put in Reverse Stereo goes to Warning symbol with no music as not got camera fitted. All ready have one that integrated into Mirror Dashcam. So don't if way disable this so stereo keeps playing music. Keeps dropping connection mobile personal hotspot. But it has downloaded most songs from Spotify for offline so not bad. As when bluetooth phone some reason was getting any sound from phone. So installed Spotify on stereo. Charges Iphone, but it does come on phone saying not supported.
  3. That's good glad your working. good they supply to USB extension cables with it.
  4. So you is powering on ok? Still not letting me add pics here. Do you have email address so i can share pics of cables that came with it?
  5. That wouldn't affect the power of the Stereo know would it? Have let me know if yours powers on ok. Picsz\Videos be good.
  6. So weird i connect the power up to the Stereo stops power on usb port in middle console and soon i disconnect power and reset in middle usb port work again on console. So something def with power connection to the Stereo.
  7. Def got main power one plugged in correctly as connect the centre back up and work fine. Not getting through usb leads so seems not getting power to stereo at all. Have you test urs yet?
  8. Well Fitted mine but getting now power? Either you guys attempted yours yet? Won't let load videos or pics.
  9. Yay mine arrived as well had pay £30.30 charge on top. Will be fitting this weekend.
  10. Well they came back to check connections done that last night and they come back with ones that will fit so that good sign. Fingers cross.
  11. I went for this one Kris They sent some questions over about the power connections so that good sign just need to take out Stereo to check that. What you doing with your seats? I have Groot covers for front seats, Need to do backseats as they don't look great. Did find this place for floor mats like idea that covers whole floor. Look Smart as well.
  12. Well taken the plunge and ordered mine. Fingers cross fits ok.
  13. Thanks Guys, Deciding to go for it or wait to see if works ok for Gaz either know his newer ford van lol