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  1. Hi Lenny. Thank you 😊 no hassles, enjoy your xtrons. I’m casting my phone on this screen watching YouTube so it’s do the job. I would do an upgrade for my speakers the one I have cost me good money every time it stops working Itself few times and I changed it with the stock one so diffidently going for upgrade soon. Thanks again
  2. Hi Lenny. thanks for sharing your experience. I got an aftermarket MP5 today as well. Looks good so far sound quality is not too bad. I’m happy with it. Have a small issue with the speakers wiring will sorted this tomorrow. Thanks 😊
  3. Hi dudes. I found a sat nav stereo came out of kuga mk1 but it’s seems to be fitting normally to focus. Anybody have any idea if it can be working without a problem before going ahead and buy it. Thanks Ford HS MCA DAB
  4. Thanks for sharing. I think if you do that with the same facelift but the white led version comes with 2008 models only and ST would be easier otherwise I prefer the one you did