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  1. Here's a photo of one of the original wheels & tyres - I'm fairly certain that isn't a TPMS valve
  2. Aren't TPMS valves rigid? I've had a couple of BMWs with TPMS valves and there's no flex to them, the ones in the old wheels were just standard rubber valve from what I could see from the outside. With TPMS valves don't they actually display the tyre pressure for each wheel. I've not seen that ability in our Fiesta. Is there anyway to confirm whether the car would have had with DDS or the TPMS system?
  3. Hello, The Mk7.5 (64 plate) Fiesta Titanium-X that we purchased in June of this year has recently thrown up a tyre pressure monitor malfunction. We bought an extended warranty with the car so I'm not too concerned and it's booked into a Ford main dealer to have this investigated (but not until 20th October) Does anyone know how the tyre pressure monitoring system works? From what I understand these don't use TPMS valves that transmit the tyre pressures to the vehicle - my guess it that the car detects the rotational speed of individual wheels and when there's a discrepancy, it
  4. We have a 2014 MK7.5 and I purchased the double-contact 380 Autobeam bulb off their eBay site, which fits/works fine.
  5. I was planning on carefully masking off anywhere I didn't want paint. That said checking EuroCarParts - they've 45% off a set of front Pagid discs so a pair will only cost me £31.34 - I'm tempted to get a pair at that price (along with new pads) just to have 'in stock' so to speak. There seems to be plenty of videos about changing discs & pads on Fiestas too. Me and my Dad have done other cars I've owned so we have trolley jacks, axle stands and all the tools (he was a mechanic by trade) but when things don't go as straight forward as planned you do often wonder "why did I start t
  6. Yeah I think the discs might be quite new, when I bought the car there was a report with the disc thickness and it was virtually the same as a new one. I guess unless the disc is one of those with a protective paint or film on the hub they'll turn rusty quite quick. I'm not bothered about the rust around the outer of the disc, just the hub area so I plan to mask off the disc very carefully before painting it.
  7. Cheers for that tip @Ian Lanc - I went for the silver Simoniz high temp paint (800 deg) for the turbo pipes so hopefully there'll be enough to do 2 rotors as well. I did consider replacing the discs but other than the rust I think the thickness of them is okay. Plus taking a wheel off to paint the hub is an easier job that swapping discs. Thanks
  8. Hello, So a couple of weeks ago I purchased my daughter a Fiesta MK7.5 that has cleaned up quite nicely (externally & internally) but the hubs of the front brake discs are covered in rust. Has anyone made any effort to clean theirs up? I'm planning on cleaning/paining the turbo pipes which are prone to rusting on the Ecoboost engines and have ordered some emery paper, Hammerite Krust and some Simoniz High Temp paint to tackle that job. Does anyone know whether the process to tidy up those rusty hubs would be the same and use the same products or would some other type of paint b
  9. So I was aware of possible rust issues on the turbo pipes and the 2014 1.0 eco boost we purchased a couple of months ago does have some rust spots on them Looking for suitable heat proof paint - this seems okay from Halfords - comes in an aerosol but I'd apply with a small brush https://www.halfords.com/motoring/paints-and-body-repair/specialist-and-decorative-paints/simoniz-black-very-high-temperature-paint-500ml-443088.html Other than rubbing down with sandpaper to clear the rust is any other prep needed before painting. If there's other/better heat resistant paints - could som
  10. I thought that some LED headlight bulbs could cause MOT failures due to having too high a colour temp. Some are 6000k and I thought I'd read somewhere there was a legal maximum (4800 or 5500k) ? I wasn't planning on changing headlights (main or dipped) or foglights just yet - or maybe replace with better halogens (Philips X-treme Vision or similar) I would hate to think I'd have to change LED indicator, reverse, brake/tail and fog lights back to halogens just for an MOT
  11. Being a Titanium-X it already has the Sony DAB/SatNav head unit and a reversing camera. I quite like the chrome grill - as it matches the chrome belt line trim along the side and on the rear tailgate. Good call about the aerial I hadn't realised how long the stock one is. I'll investigate the other suggestions too.
  12. Thanks @liamstears - It seems a nice car. Two owners, only 34k miles and it's Titanium-X but with the dress up kit which really sets off the car. I'd been looking at ST_Lines or Zetec S' but I really wanted parking sensors and powerfold mirrors on those and most car local to me didn't have those - esp. in my price bracket. Thankfully the TX has those and more. I've become very accustomed to a rear camera on my car, so having that is going to help me more than anything. I did check the turbo pipes for rust - yes there's a tad of surface corrosion on the bend in the pipe but it doesn't
  13. I think I'm going to do a mix & match of the AutoBeam vs. Auxito bulbs. For example - a pair of reversing light (955 / W16W) bulbs are £18 + VAT from AutoBeam compared to £5.49 for the Auxito ones from eBay - with free P&P I think for interior lights I'll also go with the Auxito ones, but for the scrolling/sequential Audi-esque wing mirror lenses, plus the number plate & boot lights I'll go for AutoBeam.
  14. Thanks for the feedback @liamstears - good catch about the VAT on the AutoBeam website, I hadn't spotted that. I guess it makes sense for me to maybe wait for the car to turn up and check the brake/tail lights first. I'll also have a look at the Auxito bulbs you mention. I think I'll still get some AutoBeam products though - such as the number plate units, the replacement boot light unit and the scrolling indicators for the wing mirrors - which seems to be the best I've seen. Cheers
  15. Hello all, So I've purchased a 2014 (64 plate) Titanium-X Mk7.5 for our daughter and one of the first things I want to change is the ancillary bulbs for LED equivalents. I'm planning on buying a range of AutoBeam bulbs for indicators, reversing lights, number plate lights etc. (not doing headlights just yet). Looking at the AutoBeam site there's 2 types of brake & tail lights. A 380 version (double contact) and a 382 version (single contact) - yet both are listed for the MK7.5 Now I could wait till the car turns up next week, but ideally I'd like to order the bulbs this w
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