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  1. rayferry, any reply yet from the executive at Ford?
  2. Whats that? Ford roll out updates with problems. Never, they just don't roll out any updates.
  3. What I meant was that F9 maps when or if they get released will already be 18 months out of date. With 2021 looming the maps should be F11 (let alone F10).
  4. It will be nice to know that when F9 maps get released, then the current maps will only be 18 months plus out of date. Nice one Ford.
  5. This is the latest I received from Ford. We are expecting the next update to be released shortly, to provide both update for our vehicles and to address concerns that have been raised; therefore, we would recommend awaiting the latest update before reattempting. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact your local Ford Dealership for assistance with completing the update on your behalf, if you would prefer but this may incur a charge for labour. Unfortunately, we do not have a confirmed date of release; but we would recommend you liaise with your local Ford Dealership for development, as they will be updated first as soon as the latest update is made available. We do apologise for the inconvenience experienced, but appreciate you taking the time to bring this information to our attention; should you require assistance with another matter in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us direct on either 0203 564 4444 or UKCRC1@FORD.COM.
  6. Same problem as mine. New car but hands-free operation of the tailgate would not function no matter what I did. Good news is that after 3 weeks the fault has never returned.
  7. I have complained to them BUT they just reply with the same rubbish. "The system says you are up-to-date". This is clearly not right as F7 or F8 maps are NOT up-to-date when F9 are available to some.
  8. I'm on sync 3.4 and still waiting for the F9 maps. Ford seem to be creating an almighty mess with the navigation system updates.
  9. Yes I too had this problem but had a factory software update done and all now works fine,
  10. Another month passes and still no sign of Ford issuing the F9 map updates.
  11. The Ford SYNC update site is a joke. Had the message system up to date but please try again later for map updates. This lastest 3 weeks. Now we have "Looks like something went wrong. Please try again in a few moments". Pah this few moments is now into day 3. WHAT A JOKE. Why can't they just tell us that they have a problem and the site will be down for the next day or week or month? Rant over!!