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  1. That would be super nice! Model number : CTSFO004 Yes, its a Mk7 Fiesta Original radio: 8A6T-18C815-BP (radio AHU) original radio connectors: see picture I bought the entire facsia kit from connects2 and was told it would work. And looking at the instructions for the adapter, the picture shown of the controls are the same as the ones found in mine. So i find it strange as to why it wont work.
  2. I recently bought a ford fiesta Mk 7 from 2008 and decided to also upgrade the stereo in it to fit one with android auto. I bought a complete kit from connects2 with all the required panels and wiring harness to make this work... or so i thought. Now, following the instructions i have got the radio to work as intended, i can get the audio out and it starts when i turn on the ignition. The problem is that i cant seen to get the steering wheel controls to work. The only button that will do anything is the one of the left stalk that has the icon for the voice control. Pressing this button allows me to enter the menu and enter the selected menu item, but seeing as i cant change the selected item or go back, this is useless. So after doing a little bit of digging, it turns out that the adapter i got from Connects2 is for a radio model with an "Ok" button on the steering wheel control. But mine only has a "M" buttons as the original radio had phone connectivity (although only for calls). Is there any way to make the adapter i have to work with the SWC i have? or do i need to get another one, and if so, which one? I have tried googling and even reached out to Connects2 but have not gotten any answer. I figured i would ask here if someone else has also had this problem and if/how they got passed this. It is a bit annoying to have a brand new stereo but not being able to switch song from the steering wheel.