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  1. Hi all Purchased a second hand 2013 1.3 KA a couple of months ago, has been fine until yesterday when the engine management light started flashing and went into limp mode on the motorway, the light eventually stopped and went away but it carried on in limp although thankfully i was at a junction so i managed to get off and get safe. I shut the engine off and gave it a minute or so before trying again. No lights this time, i managed to get to my destination and get back with no issues (I took the longer way home and avoided motorways just in case) It's still under a 3 month warranty but they're closed due to all this Covid-19 madness and wont reopen until 1st June at the earliest, warranty runs out 2nd. I've had a diagnostic test run at a local garage and they pulled up P0300 P0302 P0303 They suggested its leads, plugs and coil pack to be sure but looking at the service history these were all changed 7 months ago or 1400miles, i can't see them failing in that time. Any ideas? I don't want risk using it now and either break down somewhere, blow the engine or ruin the cat