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  1. Yeh hes said it will be a new key needed and they are the expensive ones aswel, but should be considerably cheaper than main dealer.
  2. A guy just came and checked the key and it's not emitting any signal so its knackered unfortunately
  3. Picked up a new car yesterday, 2010 focus ZS TDCI. I only got 1 KEY with the car! Buttons do not work on the fob so I have to use the blade in the locks. When I get in a warning flashes saying key outside car, when I hold the key to the ignition it starts ok but the warning stays on it sometimes goes off but it's there most of the time. So I put in a new battery and tried to program the fob pressing the S/S button 8 times (4on4off) but the system chimes like mad due to the 'key outside car' message. So I gave the local dealer a quick call to pick their brains will cost me at least £107 just to find the problem 🤢🤑 and upto £300 on top of that for another key so I have 2. So I'm wondering if anyone could help with the central locking issue or the 'key outside car' message as I will have to spend £300 on another key either way but dont fancy paying £107 for them to say its knackered you need a new one. Thanks in advance.