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  1. Lesson learnt...dont let your car sit there for 8 weeks during a global pandemic 😀
  2. Awesome im in thanks all, appreciate the support! Now to breathe..Ford garages i called had no clue!
  3. Right back outside i go to give it a go. Thanks folks thats incredibly useful will report back shortly
  4. Yes, i cant pull the lever far enough for it to work as the door itself is in the way
  5. Looking for some help as the videos and threads for older models hont help me I have a 68 plate Ford Focus that the battery has died on. I can access the drivers side door with the manual key (normally keyless) however cant open the passenger door (it doesnt have a pop off cover like older models) and its blocking the bonnet release. The is no secondary lever that i can find, there is no swivel cover on the bonnet to open that with they key im hoping i am missing somethign really obvious or im missing something obvious Open to any and all idea. thanks