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  1. Terminals are good and tight but I don't have a volt meter. No rain at all either. Are there any known issues with the wiring for the rear 12v sockets (or any of the sockets for that matter)? It's never given me the slightest trouble with electrics up until this point.
  2. Hi, I don't know what the hell I've done but I've somehow managed to muff up my electrics in a very strange way. So I drive a 2005 focus estate diesel and it has a 12v socket in the boot. I plugged a phone into it today to charge while I was driving to my mam's to drop shopping off. When I got there I realised that although the phone said 'charging', it had put zero charge into it! Then the oddness started. My washer motors won't work, the rear wiper stops halfway through its cycle, the outside temperature gauge now shows 3 lines and the red warning is on even though it was 11° at the time, my readout says "bonnet open" (but it isn't) and the 'one-touch' electric windows are now only one-touch when putting them down! Checked fuses etc but can't find anything. Doesn't help that my fuse box looks nothing like the diagram in the manual 😕😕. I also disconnected the battery for 10 mins hoping it would reset things but no luck. Anyone got any idea what I've messed up? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone Thanks for having me. I drive a 2005 Ford Focus 2.0tdi estate. A good little wagon!! Im here to get tips, instructions and try and save myself a few Bob. We all know what these motors are like when they get old. But she's only got 110k on the clock so I reckon she's got some miles left in her yet! Looking forward to being part of the site 😊