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  1. Just make sure they put it on the rolling road. I paid extra for it but that was just for a stage 1 so they don't normally use a rolling road for a 1. And they write all there own maps
  2. I used them with my last car a Toyota and they were great and only Down the road from me. I would recommend. They are the best in Bristol
  3. Great stuff. 4L will do it. Many thanks for the help.
  4. Hi does anyone know how much engine oil is needed for a 2015 diesel 1.6 econetic and recommended oil?
  5. But good point if we have a flat battery or disconnect the battery do we need to reset the cars battery information?
  6. Hi just wondering can you replace your own car battery with start stop 2015 plate or does it need to be programmed to the ecu EFB BATTERY?
  7. Hi I'm looking at changing the oil every other 6 months so I would do it every 12 months with out filter change and then the garage every 12 months with filter change. Ie garage would do it in December and I would do it in June. Do oil is done every 6 months What oil capacity is it for a 1.6 2015 diesel econetic I think it's just under 4l oil. And has anyone used the suction pump from the dip stick to pull the old oil out?
  8. OK so just out of the garage finally as I have been putting it off. Dpf was over 50% blocked. So they as soaked the dpf on some sort of cleaner. Forced regen and all sorted. Only a little black smoke when red lining at garage but they said still loose but in the system. Hopefully that's it and sorted apart from the garage told me I should of stuck with my toyota as dpfs are not ford's strong point and they see alot of them
  9. OK cool I will give that a go. I have done it a few times on slip road upto motorway but only for a few seconds. Will do for a bit longer
  10. OK just googled change fuel filter. If that needs doing off to the local garage it goes lol. I can cope with the air filter lol
  11. Yep but how long for 5 mins at high revs or 20 ect. Sent from my ELE-L29 using Tapatalk
  12. Air filter has been done Fuel filter no.... Is it a big job to do on a diesel?
  13. Hi I'm trying to clear soot out of my car due to black smoke. I have added cleaner to the system but I was also looking at giving it do beens italian tune on the motorway. I know the engine needs to be hot but has anyone done this and what revs should I drive at and for how long?
  14. So I only really use the car for commuting to work 15miles there 15 back 13 of that motorway 2 ring road. And 5am so the dpf seems to be fine with that. I very rarely hear it going and if I notice it still going before I get to work I go another junction till its finished can't hear the fan going and the start stop works again. I have always had diesel cars and never had a problem like this
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