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  1. Great I have a 65 plate as well hope this works been trying to update for months I have up in the end
  2. I got the econetic, it was a bag of ***** before I had I remapped. Now it's so much better. Its well worth a stage 1 on a car. Not much help on your question but would recommend I have done my last 3 cars never looked back
  3. Wow thanks for all the replies.. This forum is great and full of helpful people. I'm going to replace all the nuts of my car for solid nuts.
  4. I always thought this was strange as on my wife's grand c max when you set it to max it defaults to recirc but on my fiesta my I put my one on max it does not put recirc on. The only difference in the 2 units is the fiesta has climate control and the c max does not max cold not max heat
  5. No covers just all nuts LOL
  6. Yes they have they have rounded one do it's in for a replacement free of charge and a discount on a service. But I checked the rest and they all look perfect apart from a little fatter then the rest just struggling to get the wrench on
  7. Hi has any one heard of swollen wheel nuts on a ford.i have just had a tyre changed and was warned that ford nuts swell up and the normal socket won't fit. So when I got home I took my wheel brace out and checked and it did not really fit on the drivers side it struggled to get on. The locking wheel worked a treat but the others it was hard. And the car was stood for an hour before I tried. I would not like to be on the side of the motorway with a flat. Does anyone know what nut you need is it a 19mm? If so I am going to order a 19.5 and a 20 just in case. Or is it a case of replacing the ford nuts with a better type.?
  8. I had this on my last car. It ended up being a blown head gasket. My car never over heated but no matter how many times I topped the coolant up it went down. I ended up. Every time I heard the water I would top it up.
  9. Good point. I have a full size spare wheel. I was planning on putting it on an alloy and getting rid of the spare steel wheel. I would not think it had tpms as its for an emergency
  10. OK got you. Thanks for that it. If its 25%that would explain why it had not gone off. Tyre was at 32 pumped up at last reset and when I done my checks it was 27.
  11. Hi I have a 2015 fiesta with tpms. Just wondering how they worked and when are they triggered. Do they only tell you when your tyres are flat Or when they are going flat down on psi And if so does it tell you what tyre I had 1 tyre a few psi down compared to the rest and nothing came on. Would be interested to know how they worked. As my old toyota used to tell me current psi and temp and what tyre.
  12. Hi I am trying to update my sync system on my 2015 fiesta sony. I have download from ford as it says on there website I'm due an update. I have put it as the main directory but when I come to press update on the car it tells me there is no update file and to check its in the root folder. I have downloaded 2 times now but still no joy?