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  1. Focus .water In Drives Footwell

    hi , thanks for the reply, i have only had the car 10 months or so and i havent changed the pollen filter, (dont know where it is)it was bought from a garage and serviced before i got it , would that be included in the service? thanks again.
  2. hi folks , another post and another problem with my beloved focus...this time i have noticed water in the drivers footwell, it starts right next to the piece of carpet you lift to view the vin number and spreads out for about fifteen centimeters , it is absolutley sodden , i have run my hand up the slope of the bulk head and it feels dry and it also feels dry towards the centre console where the gear stick is, any thoughts (apart from scrapping it)would be appreciated ...kind regards in advance
  3. Ford Focus

    lol baited breath ...(sarcasm classy)....cars a little better only took two attempts to start....back to garage on monday.
  4. Ford Focus

    hi , i have a tdci with exactly the same problem, at christmas i took it to the garage i bought it and they put it on the machine and said it needed a camshaft position sensor , got it fitted and little improvement , took it back on wednesday and they contacted me today to tell me the camshaft position sensor had failed again....possible but surely not..anyway i wont know until the morning when i try and start it because once my car starts i have no problem until the next day...ill let you know how i get on.
  5. focus tdci poor fuel economy

    hi folks and thanks very much for the replies ,you have put my mind at ease...
  6. hi all , thought id pick your brains on this i have a 115bhp tdci 51 reg focus , it has done 97k , i feel the fuel economy is quite poor ,i get about 35mpg about the town , i have had the car for about a year and it is my first diesel and i only bought it due to my brother constantly telling me how good they are , if anyone can tell me if this is bad or normal it would be appreciated.sorry should have added the car perfoms well with plenty of pulling power although is a bit smoky if you put your foot down. thanks in advance.
  7. hi from ayrshire

    hi all from sunny scotland ....joined the forum to tap into the wealth of knowledge i know you guys have lol....