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  1. My Mrs has been driving the Focus the last few months and she took the Focus through a lazy persons car wash the other day and it has ripped the Ford badge off the front of the car, Does anyone have a clue where I can go to get a replacement badge?? Also would it be easy to put back on for someone that is !Removed! useless at any sort of DIY??? Also the !Removed! drivers side seat belt is just about impossible to get it to plug in, anyone had any experience with anything similair, Is it something that is repairable by a joe bloggs mechanic or will it need booking in at a Food garage?? Please advise as I have no ideas on these sort of things or the costs involved!! I am in Chesterfield if anyone else is nearby and can advise anywhere particular to take it!! Many thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi all!!! We have a Red X reg Fiesta 1300, sunroof, radio/cassette, power steering 5 door. Not sure of the model but I think its just a standard as its not got electric windows.It was my aunties car from brand new until last september and she pretty much gave it to me and my lass, but we have just got a company car so we now have 3 cars between 2 of us!! The fiesta has a full service history and is in mint condition and I really do mean mint condition inside and out as it has been kept in a garage since new and never even been through a car wash until we got it! the mileage is aprox. 12500 and until we got it, it hadn't even been on a duel carriageway let alone a motorway, Ok the mot is coming up shortly but dont really forsee any major issues with that. Obviously I can get a valuation for a an x reg fiesta but not with a mileage that is even comparable, can anyone on here give me any idea of what we should be looking for as we are condidering selling it!!!