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  1. pumaspeed said not in stock and could take 7-10 days from the manufacturer,sico developments never replied. i ordered the js performance one direct off ebay and it arrived the next day... here it is fitted. was a little bit of a bugger to do but got there in the end and it doesnt have the cut out for the top of the airbox notch thing and i didnt have anything suitable to cut it out with. its on and its staying on..it did increase the hp a tiny bit and doesnt make it much louder from just having the pannel filter with stock hose only when you rev it/drive it hard but theres no
  2. had drivers side seatbelt replaced recently with a used one as it kept automatically locking when you pulled the belt a tiny bit..also had oil and oil filter changed my my local garage and just had the timing belt and water pump done by ford. 8 years/1000k miles, they also did the 40 point check and told me the tyres were wearing on the innners and outers and the tracking was off, so i got them to do the tracking but the steering wheel wasnt straight so they did it again and it was a little bit better but still wasnt happy so took it in again and now its a lot better! going to order an inducti
  3. i dont need to get the water pump changed at the same time as the timing belt do i? its 8 years on my zetec s 1.6 ti vct 2012, its done 53000k miles and neither has been done, somone said it runs on a different belt... do i really need the timing belt changed or will last a bit longer?
  4. could be a cracked spring as said, recently happend in my zetec s 1.6 2012, same side, front drivers. jack up that side of the car and have a look at the spring behind the wheel you might be able to see if its the bottom thats cracked.
  5. just had the boot handle (rubber switch bit) done on my fiesta 1.6 zetec s 1.6 because i had the same issue. its a common problem they get water in them and need replaced. was driving and boot catch was opening but not opening the boot fully and it said boot open. fixed it for me and its a a cheaper part than the actual latch on the bottom of the handle but it could be either
  6. fixed the electric seat heater switch today on the passenger side, it wouldnt stay in when you pressed it. got the metal pin off a german seller on ebay a lot cheaper than getting the whole unit from ford!!, really easy to fit but the connector was a right bugger to get back on the end of it when i put it back in the seat as its quite a tight space 😛 il check it tomorrow see if the seat heats up lol just seems to take a while when you start the engine. yeh i know she needs washed etc. i cant even get polish or the wax on as its been raining here non stop!
  7. hi guys, havnt really done much to my fiesta and dont think i will do much either, its the zetec s 1.6 ti vct with street pack and full leather ive just had the boot switch changed as it was telling me the boot was open when driving which is a common problem with water getting in to it and also H&R 35mm springs fitted along with the powerflex rear spring upper isolators. part numbers.. H&R 29012-1 , Powerflex PFR19-2030...if you are changing your springs i would totally recommend the powerflex top rubbers as the originals were cheap foam and had disintegrated. car also has a
  8. thanx a lot for that eric i thought maybe it was the springs lower and stiffer but i guess thats on all zetec s 😄 any ideas to other questions guys?
  9. hi guys, can someone please tell me what is included in the street pack? i know i have the 17 inch rims, rear spoiler, black windows, full leather seats but what else? and also what are the standard springs for it? are they lower because i have the street pack or could i get even lower ones for it? and no i dont mean coil overs just springs it is creaking a bit on the front end so took it to the garage and he said it sounds like it could be the strut top mounts? and the gearbox is being a bit funny it grinds on cold start going in reverse sometimes and jumps out when i let the c
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