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  1. Hi is there anyone in the midlands willing to fit a sync 3 into a focus titanium navigator 2014 Willing to pay going rate
  2. Deano1234


    Retrofitting it if I can I have got sensors in all my wheels now but not sure what else I need ?
  3. Deano1234


    Hi all im wanting to put tpms onto my 2014 focus titanium I have all the valves in the wheels just wondering what else I need ?
  4. Being new on the forum is there anyone that fits this on the forum or willing to fit it all
  5. Might be just me but all I can find on ford etis is my model etc nothing about spec etc
  6. Hi all I’m wanting to fit a ford sync 2 nav from a 2016 focus to a 2014 focus titanium is this possible ? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  7. Hi all I’m trying to find out what radio my focus came with as we bought it with a android one and would love to get it back to standard stereo it’s a titanium model 2014
  8. Thanks fitted both grey sensors today and abs light gone out now
  9. Thanks both I think if there’s no difference in hubs from drums to discs then it could well be the park assist ones I need so I’m right in thinking it’s the grey abs sensors I need ?
  10. Hi all wondering if any one can help me my lad has a 2014 focus titanium which has been made into a st replica by previous owner he changed rear axle ( believe it was drum brakes now disc brakes ) to a st one but it left the abs lights on I’ve finally got round to plugging it in to Delphi and it comes up with 2 codes C003a & c0037 rear right wheel speed sensor incorrect part fitted &rear left wheel speed sensor incorrect part fitted I’m just unsure on what partS I need. To buy Tried reading up some say need grey abs sensors some say drum. Ones I just can’t compare old ones as don’t have them . any help really appreciated as need to mot it ASAP