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  1. Hi Everyone, I've just had a Nextbase 522 front and rear dash cam set fitted into my 2019 Vignale at Halfords. I’m getting occasional cutting out of the DAB signal in areas around my home that had no problems before. It’s relatively minor, but does anybody have any suggestions that might improve things? The main camera is hard wired and the rear camera is positioned top centre in the rear screen. Thanks in advance
  2. Just had the whole drivers door window/ mirror switch assembly on my 2018 Focus Vignale replaced under warranty, no fuss or bother. Dealer told me they have had quite a few cars in with identical problems.!
  3. I’ve got a 2018 1.0 litre Focus Vignale. After having a number of VW golfs where I regularly used Millers fuel additive with no problems, I found that every time I tried the millers in my Focus it would throw a power train fault after some time! This resulted in numerous dealer visits, where they had to reset the PMC. I’ve now given up with fuel additives and had no further problems.
  4. Mine started to stick, requiring pushing closed and re trying, but a spray of WD40 seems to have stopped it and restored normal service!
  5. Hi, Your 40’s figures are about right, with up to 50 on a long motorway run. It’s worse around town, when you’re on and off the gas. Any harsh acceleration hits consumption hard!
  6. Can’t believe that Mr Turpin’s first name has been censored!
  7. Vodafone still want £100 for 100g for one year. At least ***** Turpin wore a mask!
  8. Take it up with Ford Customer service and don’t give up. A previous update lost all my DAB logos. I persevered with Customer service and got them to arrange for my dealer to fix it for free, and got my next service at 54,000 miles for free as well!
  9. After raising a case with Ford Customer service over the numerous problems with the previous update, including the complete loss of DAB radio logos,(rectified free of charge by my dealer, through Customer Services and Ford Technical, at my insistence), they agreed to pay for my next service at 54000 miles. if we all took this up with Customer Service they would be forced into making updates easier and cheaper to do! I’ve probably used best part of a tank of fuel and 4 or 5 hours of my time just to get my maps up to date.
  10. I had the same problem, where the maps didn’t work after updating with a usb stick via Microsoft edge. Ford support suggested I use chrome as my browser. That worked perfectly! My sync update was done via edge with no problems. I do wonder if Ford really know what they are doing!
  11. Spent over 2 hours trying to install F10, only to get error PKG_03. Tried the online support chat line. I was asked what browser I used. Microsoft edge with Bing as default browser I replied. That’s no good, you must use Firefox or Chrome came the reply. FFS what are Ford playing at? Can anybody help me? Thanks
  12. Checked my account this morning and it now says my software is up to date. All I’ve done is download the sync update onto a usb stick! Could it have been done as an automatic update overnight?
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