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  1. I have been with the car to the garage that fixed my AC and told them the problem and how I tried to fix it. They checked the wiring and it was ok, and then sugested that they want to get the ebay temp sensor replaced with a genuine one since it was reading a little bit high when it wasn't showing 140. I thought that it was futile to do that but I agreed since the alternative was something broken with the ECU. After they replaced the sensor the error went away and it's been working for the past 200 miles. Even my AC is working again now that there is no engine light. This is the broken Ebay sensor, if anybody is interested: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Engine-Coolant-Temperature-Sensor-for-Ford-Fiesta-KA-1-3-1-6-Duratec-OE-1089854/254226595245 At least this has teached me something about buying the cheapest replacement part from Ebay😆
  2. I have an update on this issue, I will give this another chance, and try to check the wires because I figured out that my AC is not working as long as the car has that issue. So if I want to use the AC I will have to find the place were the wire is broken and get it isolated properly. Has anybody had this issue, before?
  3. Never a heard a sound like that before. Just spit balling here, could it be some kind of aftermarket alarm?
  4. I think he is just refering to the level of noise in the interior especially at motorway speeds. I try to stick to 50 mph(72 db measured on my phone) as much as posible on the motorway because doing 70 really increases the noise level (76 db measured on my phone). Don't think you can do much about the noise level, other than to try to add some more sound insulation in the door and on the inside, but I can't be bothered, since the car will fail it's next Mot due to rust. Will drive it as is, and just avoid long motorway drives.
  5. Hello guys! I am looking for your advice on finding a garage that can look at my Ka's Ac system. I did go to a garage in Chester 1 month ago with the issue of a non running AC pump and they regassed the system which allowed the compressor to work,and all was good. Unfortunatly I think I have a leak in the system because about 1-2 weeks ago the AC started to become weaker and weaker until it stopped working completely. I would be really interested in your recommendations as I don't want to just pick another random garage of google that will just recharge my AC and call the job a goden. Thanks in advance, Florin
  6. Hello guys. I noticed that on my 2004 ka the oil level keeps increasing. When I bought it the level was about 25% between the low and the high mark, so I added 400ml of oil to get it close to the high mark. When I rechecked the oil next weekend, the level was over full. I though that maybe I overfilled it, but I thought it was ok since I wanted to do an oil change in the next weeks. I did change the oil and this time I specifily only filled it to the mid point on the stick. But now after 2 week and a couple of hundred kms the oil level is over the full mark again. Does this mean that the head gasket is going, or that the car is running too rich? PS: I checked the oil on level ground, and the car is not producing any blue/white smoke. There is no milcky residue on the oil cap.
  7. I know you said that you don't want to get another car, but I think that is the easiest option. As far as helpfull directions on how do to it, no idea. Maybe somebody else has tried/done in the past.
  8. I took a look at the cables again and the exposed part looks ok, but I don't know their condition after they enter the engine wiring loom. I think I will just live with the engine light on for now, since the car drives fine, even with the fan on full blast. I also have a good guess what caused this: 2 weeks ago I cleaned up the blower motor as there was some debri that making a horible noise, and to get to that part I had to move the piece of metal that separates the engine bay from the water drains and the wiring loom was supported by the the piece of metal. I thought that I was gentle enought with the wires, when I was moving them around, but not gentle enought apprently.
  9. Hello, I have had the car for about 2 months now and 1 week ago the engine light turned on while I was driving but the car was running ok, so I continued my journey. I bought a code reader, read the codes and got P0117. I have read a bit about it but I am not sure what to do. I have tracked the sensor data using the live data functionality and when the engine got up to temperature it sometimes showed 140 deg for a second then went back to normal (90 deg). I did change the sensor just in case, but the code came back. When I clear the codes the engine light comes on when I start the car from hot, but not when a cold start. Any ideas what could it be? Thanks in advance, Florin
  10. What do you mean if they are generic? Pretty sure you are going to have to look on ebay/brakers yards for those 2 items.
  11. I have given this another try, and unfortunatly I think they were right about the parts that need to come off in order to get the blower motor. I tried to just unscrew the polen filter housing the move it to one side, but the next step according to the manual is to unscrew and disconnect the wires to the blower, but I have got no idea were are the screwes. I have tried to look in the passanger footwell and guess what I need to disconnect but all I managed to do was to annoy myself and to get a couple of clips off that I had to blindly put back. After all this, I gave up and decided that I can live with the anoying sound a little while longer.
  12. I have figured out why they were telling me to get the expansion tank off to get to the cabin filter housing. The car they used for the tutorial was the version with the endura engine which had the tank right in front of the filter (Based on the pictures from another section of the manual). But my car has a Duratec engine and the expansion tank is in the other side of the engine bay. I just got a rachet set of from halfords and I will try to get to the filter housing as soon as it stops pouring outside.
  13. Hello, The blower motor sounds like it's hitting some debri when it's on power level 1 and 2, but it sounds fine on 3 and 4 and I would like to check if there is something there, but I don't know to get to it. I have the Haynes workshop manual for the Ka, but it's telling me to remove the coolant tank, the grill that comes under the windscreen, the wiper motor and then to remove the bolts that hold the housing for the polen filter. Are all those steps required?, or can I just unscrew the screws that hold the housing for the polen filter and ignore the rest. Thanks for the help!
  14. Will keep that in mind, I have had the car for a couple of days and the AC still blows cold 🙂
  15. That sounds more like a vibration to me, I would check if anything is loose the engine bay.