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  1. Oh no really! What a mess about Hopefully 2nd time lucky with the recall then, mines been fine up to now 🀞
  2. He's loving it, the focus was just so thirsty with him having the RS which he fully expected but he only works 3 miles away so the car wasnt even warming up fully on his journey. He looked at getting the Focus St mk4 but theres only the 2 of us at the minute so doesn't really need a focus size car, which is why I've gone with a focus we have both sizes now for the future Helovess driving his fiesta, he calls it his little go kart haha, it feels so quick with it being so small and light. He drives it in sports mode all the time but is still getting around 35-38mpg which is a lot better than we thought! Definitely no regrets for him.
  3. Yeah I havent driven it yet and they haven't even looked at my current car they've just offered a part ex value that I was happy with without seeing it. They were checking the focus over today, cleaning it etc. Then they won't be touching it again after today apparently same with my current car ill drop it off and it will be left for a couple of days before they do anything with it My husband has 2019 the fiesta st performance editon and had the mk3 focus RS before that so we like fords and I've sat in a couple of the new focuses before corona but just never driven one 😬 sure it will be everything if not better than I'm expecting 😁
  4. Literally everything I could think of I was so lucky to find it❀ B and O, hud , led lights, heated steering wheel, blind spot, adaptive cruise, reverse cam, pan roof honestly don't know what it hasn't got tbh!
  5. Yours must have just missed it too then, yeah definitely πŸ‘ Yeah the 182 auto in diffused silver not seen many in that colour around I liked the ruby red and blue originally but so hard to find one with everything on plus the colour, the dealer said its on 2,980 miles at min.
  6. I didn't even know that! Thanks for the info πŸ‘ Can't wait to collect it😁
  7. Mine April 19 so might have upgraded/ altered it on yours πŸ‘
  8. Thats the same as what I'm collecting! The dealer has called today to say their servicing department have been notified and had also noticed it this morning on their system too so the work will be carried out today ready for collection Saturday still
  9. Thank you for that! Hopefully they'll be able to check it out and clarify which of the above is required before I collect it πŸ™
  10. Haha hopefully won't do that!! Thank you! Hopefully the dealer will know when I call, might just push the collection date back a little I suppose but better to be safe!
  11. Collecting my mk4 Focus st line x on Saturday, just out of curiosity checked the ford etis site and the car is showing as having a service action of 19S50-PCM Wiring Chafe outstanding. Has anyone else had this done? Going to call the dealer tomorrow to see if they can do it before I collect it, if not will have to speak with my local dealer once I have the car