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  1. When using my air con on my 2011 focus my car just cuts out idles really low and general have trouble pulling away. is it just a case of my air con using loads of power or could be something else.
  2. I know this is probably different in every car but how far should my clutch pedal come up before engaging?? also would a slightly worn clutch cause my car to not really pull away properly( sometimes feels like a lack of power) one other thing how many miles till a clutch would need to be changed?? My driving is fine but dunno about before I bought the car
  3. This has probably been covered already but how do I remove the indicator from the wing mirror????
  4. Can anyone help out what my paint code is??
  5. Ford Focus zetec 125 it’s a 1.6
  6. I pretty new to the mk3 focus and I just wanted to pick your brains. when I go to pull away at a junction when I put my foot down to go the car power just dips it pulls away really slowly then it picks up as I get going. Can be annoying when u see a gap go and then u can’t get away quick enough
  7. I’m having terrible issues with the car stereo. it will not pick up dab radio stations anymore and also having issues connecting my phone to it. can anyone give any pointers to what I can do
  8. What about the battery low message??? im thinking it might be the battery in the key fob rather then the car battery???
  9. Hello everyone, a few things I have just bought a Ford Focus zetec on a 11 plate. been driving around all day was just sitting there programming the stereo and had a battery low warning come on. is it the actually car battery that is low should I change it??? also got this plastic tab on my windscreen any clues if it’s meant to be there as I can’t get it out