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  1. Scott_

    Unleaded fuel

    Ahh I see , thank you for tour response. I'll stick to additives and if it comes to it , switch to hardened head . Thanks scott
  2. Hi all Sorry if this has been asked before. I'm 19 just got myself a 1981 ford capri 2.8i I'm aware that they were designed to run on 4 star leaded fuel as opposed to the unleaded fuel of today. But I've been told that if you look on the exhaust manifold and see a lettering D or E then it has hardened seat valves and should be alright with unleaded fuel . I've taken a picture of my manifold, can anyone tell me if this is what I'm looking for and if that means it got a hardened head ? If not I have bought some additives just in case. Thanks alot Scott Ps I'm aware the engine bay is a tad dirty I'm yet to work on that 😂
  3. Thanks for the info guys really appreciate that. I dont think the dash dimmer is working so may have to get that looked into. I'm not sure if the heated rear windscreen is either . I noticed a couple of connections on either side of the window that weren't connected to anything. Ahah no not peckham . A classic car dealer called k&h classics . Definitely worth checking them out. They have a few capris and alot of other fords. Would highly recommend. Cheers scott
  4. Hello all, I've just bought my first capri, it's a 2.8 injection green on green . Carla plaid recaro interior, 4 speed . However I'm only 19 and I have a couple of questions, so excuse if they sound stupid. In the interior on the dash to the left of the rev counter is a little twisty nob, my dad reckons it's dash brightness toggle?? Any ideas. There are two heater levers which slide left and right, why is there two and what does each one do? Below the heater levers is 4 switches , I can assume the middle two are rear window wiper and rear window cleaner . The outer two I can only gues is something to do with front and rear demist. Which button does which ? Sorry for the stupid questions . Thank you Scott