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  1. If you have the adaptive headlights there should be a setting that can be changed using the controls n the steering wheel. Its changed by stating either LHD or RHD in the Information Display. Vehicle - Lighting - Adapt. Hdlamp - Traffic (R/L)
  2. Is it Indicator, brake light and side light all on the same side? Is the brake light and side on with the engine on, i.e. is it on all the time?
  3. Ive used tis website to find part numbers in the past. Hope it helps.
  4. Hi I have seen that with Forscan I can program a spare key for my S-Max Vignale 2017. Once programmed it will be used with MyKey for my son to drive the car. The problems is, where do I get a blank key from? I have seen a key on eBay for £60 but it says its for S-Max up to 2017? Thanks
  5. Long shot but Fuse 23 in the Fuse box in the engine bay powers Run-start. Blind spot information system. Rear view camera. Adaptive cruise control. Heads-up display. Voltage stability module. Is the rear camera still working? If not it may be the fuse.
  6. Hi On my 2017 S-MAx there is a setting in the onboard tech that allows the setting Adaptive Headlamp in the Information Display.
  7. Hi I have had to set up a monthly subscription to the 'Live Traffic" ₤1.49/Monthly (includes VAT) I believe that my 2017 Vignale only updates data once my phone is connected and the FordPass App is running. So I don't believe the data would update over WiFi, as I'm unsure am hoping someone may know... The dealership where I bought the car doesn't want to / or can't help.
  8. Hi, I have a 2017 S-Max Vignale and there doesn't appear to be any way of adjusting the jets so they hit the windscreen and not wash the roof. On other cars I have had its been possible to adjust using a pin as there was a narrow pipe that could be adjusted to direct the jet. Is it possible to adjust the heated washer jets?
  9. Hi I have a 2017 Vignale S-Max with ambient lighting and it works on all the passenger doors. Some colours are easier to see than others though.
  10. I thought that the onboard sim was part of FordConnect. Apparently I don't have that has my FordPass data only updates when I have the app running and its connected to the car!
  11. Turns out the condenser has a leak, The dealership kept insisting it was the way I was turning the system on, he kept saying to switch it on via Auto not the AC switch. That and excuses that during COVID-19 the gas would have settled and needed time to get back round the system. Needless to say I took the car to where they knew about AC. All being done on warranty and the dealership is footing the bill... Looking forward to a cooler car... Take care and stay safe. Colin
  12. Hi I have recently enabled 'Live Traffic' on my 2017 S-Max Sync 3. Within the Fordpass App it states that it uses the phones data to get info etc. I have a Three dongle which I have installed in the car for WiFi and linked the Sync 3 to the dongle so that when I start the car, the dongle starts up and the sync 3 connects to it. Finally my question, will the Sync 3 only use the phone data or will it access the info via WiFi instead/as well. Take care and stay safe.
  13. Is it possible to get a loom that extends the USB from the 2 x Sockets by the gear lever to the large storage area within the centre console. I have seen third party parts that allow USB for charging but I would prefer original USB so my iPhone can connect via FordPass.
  14. Hi Hoping that someone can help, the location of the passenger cabin fusebox seems to be a mystery, when I remove the fuse cover by the steering wheel, there is nothing behind. I have looked under the drivers side by the pedals and on the passenger side under the glove box and can't find the interior fusebox. Is there one or am I looking for something that doesn't exist? The AC seems very week as well, there is little to no difference from having the AC on or Off, is this usual as I have also read that poor AC is a known issue? Thanks in advance for any help. Take care and stay safe.