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  1. Fiesta In Snow - Photos

    This is from early this year
  2. Headlight Change Help

    Nico, do you ever get to drive the Jag? :)
  3. Lowered On 35Mm Eibach

    Nice improvement! :)
  4. How Can Active My Gear Indicator Led 2009 Mk7

    He means the upwards green arrow light in the dash that is supposed to light up when the car thinks you should change gears. I never got it to work either.
  5. New Daytime Running Lights

    Ugly indeed. Edit: Looks like the car in the picture has the new Mountune alloys fitted, I think they're quite nice. They'd look better on a dark colored car maybe.
  6. I checked the side of my original air filter (switched to k&n) and it looked like this: I think that may be the part number.
  7. American Fiesta 2011 Brochure

    + They get to choose from 7 different hues of ambient lighting
  8. Collecting My Fiesta Tomorrow

    Be sure to post a few pictures ;)
  9. Dvd/gps For 2009 Fiesta

    Doesn't really seem like a great UI experience does it. Looks a bit slow and messy sort of.
  10. New Ford Fiesta Tv Commercial

    Nice :) Another fresh Fiesta ad by Ken Block:
  11. Changes That I Have Done To My Fiesta

    Nicely put.
  12. ! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Bulb Change

    Going outside now to change my dipped beam bulbs with a pair of Osram Night Breakers. :D Thanks for the guide!
  13. New Sony Radio For The Mk7

    Good stuff! How does it look in the dark? Pics would be great ;)
  14. Fiesta St Alloys On A Mark 7??

    Shouldn't spacers sort that?
  15. Just a reminder :) Edit: This episode can now be downloaded here (.torrent file)