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  1. Hi, can anyone help regarding the removal of the window regulator , I have to replace the the motor drivers side? ford focus cc3 09 petrol 2lire Can i just remove the motor and leave the rest in place? Are there any workshop books that cover just the cc3
  2. Hi , hope some one can help? I have cc3petrol 09 2 litre drivers door has been playing up not going up or down and if you slam the door all ok. It's now decided to stay down all the time tried everything nothing happens, now had to tape the window it's raining, door panel off Any advice would be appreciated Danny
  3. Hi Arturs, its the indicator stalk that i'm trying to change on the steering wheel but that's handy link never know when it will be required,thanks
  4. Hi, can someone tell me how to replace an indicator stalk on a Ford Focus cc3 petrol 2 litre 09 I have managed to lift the top shroud over the steering wheel and removed a small black screw on the right of the indicator block but that's as far as I can do. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks
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