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  1. I don’t know they didn’t tell me, but it apparently was about 2.5k so I don’t think it’s new
  2. Hello there, I took some videos. Here they are;
  3. Update. I took the car to another dealer, left it with them they called me the next morning saying I need a new engine. Long story short I now have a new engine, new dmf +clutch but the problem is still there ? I know it’s strange however, on idle there is a tapping/knocking noise coming from the engine bay, it’s that bad it makes the front seats vibrate you can clearly see it and feel it however when I turn the ac on the vibration on the seats disappear. And the worst bit about it is that when I turn the vehicle off it shaaaakes badly you can feel it throughout the car. Has anybody had similar issues ? Any advice is much appreciated!
  4. I’ve got a 16 plate mk3.5 titanium I found the headlights on fb for 40 quid a pair
  5. Little update, I have done it works! However, how could I make them as bright with the headlights on ? Because at the moment they’re bright on their own and as soon as I turn the lights on they’re not as bright ? Any ideas ? At the moment I’m running option 5
  6. Alright understood. Will let you know the results tomorrow 🤞🏻 Thanks again.
  7. Nice one mate, thanks. I’m gonna do it all tomorrow, hopefully it does work. Anything else I should know or be careful of ?
  8. Hello everyone, I’ve upgraded my standard headlights to the ones with DRL stripe, is anyone able to help how to activate them ? I’ve got FORScan and the obd reader. Any help is much appreciated!
  9. Hello everyone I’ve got a focus 1.0 ecoboost 16 plate at 63k. I’ve got a knocking noise coming from the right hand side of the engine on idle only and when I turn the car off the engine shakes and rattles and it goes thru the car it’s very strange, when I start it in the morning it really sounds like a diesel. Anyway the dealer has replaced the dual mass flywheel, and now claims that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle which is not true. I’ve had this problem for about a year and a half now, they don’t seem to be bothered. Any advise ? I’m attaching this YouTube video hopefully this is allowed, it features some other focus with the same engine noise, please listen carefully.