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  1. Update: I have now had a new telematics module fitted and the fault has gone. The new sync 3.4 S/W was also installed. So far all ok even the stop start is working
  2. I still have the same problem, Ford have attempted to load software and it fails. They are blaming ford U/S saying the software will not download to the car from the U/S. They have had the car three days and still the same. I have been waiting for over three weeks for the garage to have a fix. Have they not heard of DVD's or flash drives to copy the software to one of their devices. This fault has been on three cars now over three years, a focus titanium 17,18 and 19 plate.. This time it will not go away like on previous cars. I have not been able to use my phone hands free in the car for over two months now. The auto stop start works now and then and two windows have been playing up. One was reset and then another one plays up at random. The park pilot fault has not happen for some time now. I have mentioned to the garage it could be the telematics unit but the say they have to load software first before they could replace it. As they cannot load software..........
  3. I have the same problems. The door problem is your battery is less than 70% if you do some long trips that will sort it out. On hill starts you can use hill start assist or just turn on auto brakes which is the button behind the handbrake switch. Make sure the button is lit, then every time you stop press the brake peddle a bit harder once you have stopped and a green "A" will appear above the centre speedo, it locks all the wheels until you find the bite, unlike hill start assist that only works for 1.5 seconds after you press the brake peddle. It works on any hill and also on the flat. it is handy at the traffic lights if you are last in the queue as it applies the brake lights while the brakes are on.
  4. I have had similar problems on the last three cars, the first, 17 plate, would loose sensors audio and voice commands. The last two cars a 18 and 19 plate have both had the problem. The latest car has had the problem since the lockdown so it does appear to be a battery issue. Also the handsfree door opening and locking only work from the divers door. It did do this several weeks ago and was ok after a long trip. Every time I have a problem like this Ford say hmmm we had never had that before. Even if I take a picture they say well its not doing it now. I did have a lot of problems with the 18 plate with the electric windows front and back. When you closed them they would reopen. Eventually the reset the battery and they worked ok. The last car I got last November has only done this once. I have not had a chance to give the car a good run. Originally the fault would sort its self out when left overnight. But as I am only so the odd short trip now and then I will not know until I give the car a good run. The car is a Focus 1.5 TDI 120 Titanium